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7 Films To Watch When You’re PMSing

PMS can be tough, but we’ve got the movie recs so you can cry—or laugh—it all out

It starts from the subtle things. A minor misunderstanding with your partner via text. Your sibling furrowing her eyebrows at you. This week’s workload. Before you know it, you feel like you’re about to have a full-blown breakdown, when you look at your calendar and it tells you everything you need to know: it is the week before your period.  

PMS can be tough. Some months may seem like a breeze, but there are other times when things like stress, lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet can worsen both your physical and emotional symptoms. When you find yourself in this familiar place, a good way to lessen the potential conflicts with loved ones is to simply curl up in bed, watch a film, and cry it out. 

Having trouble choosing a film for this moment? Here are a few I’d recommend for an emotional release, some on the inspirational side, others just downright tearjerkers:

Photos from IMdB