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8 Korean Movies You’ll Enjoy When You Want Something Dark and Gritty

There’s nothing like an intense story to get lost in!

Stills from 'Forgotten,' 'The Call,' and 'Time to Hunt'

Whether you're a fan of true crime and thrillers, or maybe just looking for a break from romance and fluff, there's nothing better than an intense, nail biting story to get absolutely lost in. There’s a special appeal to dark and gritty movies because the stakes are higher and everything becomes that much more impactful.

Whether there’s realistic action or a gripping revenge story, darker movies just hit differently. Below, check out eight movies that’ll will leave you in a tailspin and wondering what would happen next—in the best way.

Which of these stories are most intriguing to you? We can't choose! And thankfully, you don't need to, because you can view them all on Netflix!

All photos courtesy of Netflix