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20+ Unforgettable Scenes from ‘Crash Landing On You’

It’s been a year since the drama dropped on Netflix but it has yet to leave our hearts!

Crash Landing on You came into our lives like a gift—and it’s simply a gift that keeps on giving. Like you, we loved the drama so much. We learned a lot, such as how to love completely and to have no regrets, and we shared a lot of unforgettable moments with its lead stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin who had brought their characters of Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri so vividly and so beautifully to life.


Never has a drama captivate the world like CLOY has… and perhaps, none ever will in quite the same way. To celebrate a year since the series came into our lives, we list some of our favorite, memorable scenes in no particular order, and just because we miss BinJin so much!

All photos courtesy of Netflix, The Swoon, and tvN