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5 Reasons to Watch Cristine Reyes-Baron Geisler’s ‘Dearly Beloved’

This new Viva Films release makes you ponder if love is enough to survive complex blended family arrangements and issues

Cristine Reyes and Baron Geisler in "Dearly Beloved"
Cristine Reyes and Baron Geisler in "Dearly Beloved"

This year, drama is surely back in Philippine cinemas. Viva Films recently released Dearly Beloved, a film headlined by acclaimed stars Cristine Reyes and Baron Geisler; it is about a couple dealing with the issues and complexities that come with being in a blended family. 

The movie’s director Marla Ancheta and writer Aileen Alcampado worked on this project as an homage to the 1982 classic Relasyon which starred Christopher de Leon and Vilma Santos.

Dearly Beloved follows the story of Deo (Baron Geisler) and Shel (Cristine Reyes), a couple living together and navigating an unconventional family life that also involves children from their former spouses whom they are still legally married to. The plot advances with different challenges within the relationship that call for reality check on seemingly epic romances. The movie was also peppered with real-life workplace issues that can ultimately impact home life. 

Mabigat talaga itong Dearly Beloved kasi sumasalamin ito sa realidad ng ibang pamilya din na nasa sitwasyon,” Cristine told the media during a Viva Films event. “Nakakaiyak so watch and learn also from the story.”

Sa experience ko na lang, to be part of a blended family, it took not just time but a lot of effort on my part as a father. Ito lang: mahalin mo lang ang mama nila at rerespetuhin ka ng mga bata,” Baron shared at the same event.

Metro.Style was able to witness the story unfold during the Dearly Beloved press screening and how watching the film may help shape a different perspective on matters of divorce, extramarital affair and creating a happy, modern family in such a complex setting.

Here are the compelling reasons to catch Dearly Beloved at the cinemas especially after a week of deep reflection and thoughtful discernment:

The refreshing Filipino movie concept about blended family

The Philippines is still a conservative country even in this day and age so it’s not really usual to chance upon a movie with a concept about blended families. It’s one of those rare Filipino movies that delve on the issues of divorce not being an available option in the country, the consequences of infidelity and the challenges of having children get acquainted with the concept of having a so-called “modern” and “blended” family. It sometimes felt like we’re eavesdropping on someone’s actual life while watching the movie.

The team-up of Cristine Reyes and Baron Geisler

They may have started as teenagers in showbiz but at this point in their career, both Cristine Reyes and Baron Geisler have earned the reputation of being critically acclaimed actors. In the land where loveteams and perennial screen partners are the norm, it’s refreshing to see a new onscreen tandem in Cristine and Baron. Both stars have their individual strengths in their craft and to see it play out in the big screen is a treat. Though the pair has worked together once on the ABS-CBN series Eva Fonda, this is the first time that the two are playing “almost” husband-and-wife.

Cristine Reyes singing

We all know Cristine Reyes the actress but to see her sing in a movie? It’s quite a surprise. In Dearly Beloved, Cristine plays the role of a mom who doubles as a band vocalist/singer at bars to earn her keep. In the film’s opening scene, you can already hear Cristine singing Freestyle’s hit song "So Slow." Years in the business and we still get a different facet from Cristine Reyes? Count us in.

Seeing Subic and Olongapo anew

Amid the ongoing family drama, the movie also has a clear identity of its setting: Subic Freeport Zone and Olongapo City. Zeroing in on a community outside of Metro Manila gives off an extra realistic feel. Dearly Beloved takes you to The Lighthouse Marina, Subic Yacht Club, Ocean Adventure, Segara Villas and the little bayside spots in the area as well. It was an effective tool because the film makes you feel that the Deo and Shel you are watching from Subic-Olongapo area are real and it somehow makes you think of neighbors who deal with almost identical issues and what they’re also doing about it.

The reunion of Doll House father-and-daughter duo

The Netflix hit Doll House gave us the beloved Baron Geisler-Althea Ruedas father-daughter duo, and in Dearly Beloved, they’re back together in another father-daughter role. Though they have less screen time together in this film, seeing Baron and child star Althea onscreen again is quite touching especially since they’re easily believable as father and daughter with the natural chemistry they have. They made the most out of the minimal time they spent together onscreen and it’s heartwarming.

The family drama also stars Phoebe Walker, JC Tiuseco, Althea Ruedas, Robbie Wachtel, Tyro Daylusan, Charles Law, Marissa Sanchez, Guji Lorenzana, Nicco Manalo, Ana Luna, and Rey PJ Abellana.

Dearly Beloved is now showing on cinemas nationwide.