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Disney+ Is Dropping an Ed Sheeran Documentary

The on-demand over-the-top streaming platform is bringing Ed Sheeran’s story to your screens

Get to know Ed Sheeran up-close and personal as he shares a glimpse of his intimate life in the new Disney+ documentary titled Sum of It All. In this small screen special, the music superstar reflects on his rise to stardom, a heart-wrenching loss, and a major health scare. 

As the singer-songwriter dismantles the layers of himself and unveils some private details in this four-part series, which will be released on May 3—only a few days before he drops his latest album—his emotions start pouring. 

The first trailer of the docuseries opens with a message from Ed. “Ginger hair; really short; he stutters. That guy doesn't become a pop star. It's so unlikely. You just have to work hard but there's always going to be someone supporting you,” the four-time Grammy winner says.

“The loss—it just took over my life. Every time something massive happens, I tend to write a song about it,” he shares in the teaser as talks about a tragic death that forever changed him. “Life is unpredictable. Plans can change really quickly.”

The Sum of It All’s trailer features a mix of voiceovers, real-life footage, one-on-one interviews with the subject, and special appearances of Ed’s wife, Cherry Seaborn. “I’ve never seen him cry on stage,” she reveals in the clip.

The hitmaker, by far, has materialized five music albums in 2011 (“+”), 2014 (“x”), 2017 (“÷”), 2019 (“No. 6 Collaborations Project”), and 2021 (“=”). His new single, “Eyes Closed,” will be dropping this March, whereas his anticipated album (“-”) will be out in May.

Lead photos by @marksurridge via @teddysphotos