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EXCLUSIVE: Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah Interview

We talk to the ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ lead actors about what drew them to their characters, some of the challenges they faced filming the K-drama, and genres and roles they hope to take on in the future


We are down to the last few episodes of Military Prosecutor Doberman and boy, has it been a ride! Have you been keeping up with the military legal K-drama starring Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah?

Military Prosecutor Doberman tells the story of Do Bae Man (played by Ahn Bo-hyun), who became a military prosecutor for money and fame. He is, however, not content with his job and looks forward to his retirement day. On the other hand, there's Cha Woo In (Jo Bo-ah), a feisty, confident young woman born into a chaebol family and became a military prosecutor for revenge. In this exciting drama, Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In begin to work together, breaking down evils in the military, and during this time, Do Bae-Man grows into a real military prosecutor.


In this exclusive interview, both actors get candid about their unforgettable performances in this ongoing K-drama. We gain more insight into the characters they play, what attracted them to the storyline, some of the challenges they faced while filming, and genres and roles they hope to take on in the future—which we already cannot wait for!



What attracted you to take up this drama?

It was my first time trying a military law drama which attracted me for combining action and romance in it as well. I watched all the works done by the scriptwriter and the director, hence I really wanted to work with them. I wish I could progress to another level with this production.

Your role in this drama is very different from roles you have played before. Please share how you prepared for it and what are some challenges you faced?

Since it was a new genre for me, there were many difficulties that I couldn’t have overcome alone. It was a character built with everyone coming together and figuring out the way. I managed to overcome the difficulties with the help from many people around me.

The drama deals with the theme of "justice". Is there any message you want to bring to the audience with the drama?

Justice is alive. Let us live with a kind heart. I think justice is always around us even though it can’t be seen. So even if you are going through some difficulties, the day when justice shines will come. Don’t be too discouraged and live on with a positive mind.


You have some action scenes in the drama. Does your boxing background make it easier for you to do action scenes? Or do you still undergo training for these scenes?

My boxing experience did help me to some extent. Maybe it had built a good foundation in my physical strength. When filming action scenes, I had the agility and sensation in my body. I had also worked with the martial arts director previously who knew my strengths and weaknesses well and tailored the actions accordingly for me. I followed the directors’ instructions and devoted my best to the action scenes which came out quite well.

What similarities can you draw between yourself and your role?

It is a little hard to describe but Do Bae-man is a character who doesn’t rely on others or give up easily. When I encounter problems, I also try to resolve them on my own. This is how my character overlaps with Do Bae-man and we have quite a lot of similarities.

How do you feel about putting on the military uniform again?

I had worn the military uniform for two years when I was serving my actual military service. When I was discharged, I felt quite relieved that ‘I’m taking off this uniform now’. But I had worn the uniform for three times until now including the drama . I think I have an inseparable destiny with it.


You have been very productive these 3 years, bringing us one drama after another. How do you feel about your performance these 3 years? Especially now that you are playing lead roles.

I am always thankful that I have the chance to pursue acting consistently. There were times when I injured myself or felt stressed, but I really love my job of being an actor. I think I am able to achieve where I am now because of the good people who are always around me.

What keeps you going as an actor?

My beloved family, my passion and determination when I initially started my career. These are the three sources of energy that keep me motivated to work hard.

How do you de-stress from work?

I don’t relieve my stress in a healthy way but keep it in mind where it eventually disappears. But if I have time, I would go camping with my good friends and empty my mind through getaways.

You have experienced a huge rise in popularity and have proven yourself as a promising actor. Do you feel more pressure with higher audience expectation?

I act with some pressure in every production that I take up. But I think the pressure is part of the process that makes an actor bring out the best side of him and progress to the next level. With that in mind, I always try my best to overcome the pressure and I feel that I have made some progress every time I complete a production.


How do you think you have grown as an actor?

I felt so after every production I took part in, but I had my first lead role in Military Prosecutor Doberman which made me feel that I have progressed to the next level. I started to feel that way when the filming was coming to an end but I am still in progress. Maybe it would feel more realistic after I finish the production.

What other roles would you like to challenge?

There are still many genres and characters that I have not done before. I want to challenge myself with as many kinds of roles as possible. I would like to try a variety of productions like melo drama, romantic comedy, historical drama and many more.



Personally, to you, what is the most attractive thing about Woo-in that made you eager to play her? What attracted you to take up this drama?

I found the theme of military law very unique when I received the script and was attracted to it. Cha Woo-in’s righteous and confident character was also very charming. The angle of mixing action and legal genres was refreshing. Hence, I decided to take up this drama with the excitement that I would be able to show a different charm from my previous characters.

This drama has the unique premise of tackling military law and the military court - what preparations or research did you do in order to play a military prosecutor effectively? Did you read up about different cases or talk to people working in the industry?

Military Prosecutor Doberman required a lot of studying just to get myself familiarized with the script. I have looked up on many related news and videos, sought advice from people who served in the military, and had continuous discussions with the director, writer and other actors.

You have some great action scenes in this series like the one where you are in a red wig. Did you have to do any physical training or work outs in order to build up your physique and fighting skills for the role? If so, how long did you train for and what was the training like?

It was my first time challenging myself with action scenes in Military Prosecutor Doberman. I was very excited for it but worried at the same time. Because I was an amateur, I started to attend action school sessions and practice the basic moves diligently since a few months before the filming. I received lots of help from the martial arts director and seniors while enjoying each of the scenes. I became more curious and interested in the action genre.


What is the most challenging thing about playing this character and doing this drama?

It was difficult to present the military and legal expressions that were both unfamiliar to me. I had to convey information with professional words from the script. Hence, I spent a lot of efforts to familiarize myself with the script clearly and accurately.

How do you feel when you put on a military uniform? Also, how did you feel when you had to cut your hair?

It was the first time in my life to cut my hair into such short length. I had portrayed many bright images in the past, so I thought it might be difficult to imagine myself in a military uniform and Woo-in’s character with heavy emotions most of the time. I decided to cut my hair short in order to suit myself with the image as much as I could. When I first tried on the military uniform, we were filming during the cold winter, it felt thinner than I thought. But I am used to the uniform and my short hair now and filming comfortably.

What similarities can you draw between yourself and your role?

I am quite similar to Woo-in in the way that I also have strong wills towards my goals.


The drama deals with the theme of "justice". Is there any message you want to bring to the audience with the drama?

I hope to bring the message that “justice will win” to the audience with the theme of “justice” in our drama.

Is there any other role you would like to challenge?

Instead of a particular genre or character, I would prefer something that I can do well in, while both people who are producing it or watching it can enjoy together. I hope I could encounter more of such characters and present them to the audience in future.

Military Prosecutor Doberman is currently airing every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:15 PM on tvN (Smart GigaPlay app).