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First Look: Jung Hae-In in 'D.P.'

Duty calls a quiet soldier to the Deserter Pursuit unit, where his duty is to bring military deserters back to base


Jung Hae In's upcoming Netflix series D.P. has shared an action-packed teaser of its story, and we're too excited for it to arrive on our screens on August 27.

Based on a popular webtoon by Kim Bo Tong and directed by Han Jun Hee (Chinatown), D.P. tells the story of an arrest team who deviates from military duties and pursues people with various stories.

Jung Hae-in plays Private An Joon-ho, a quiet soldier who just wants to keep to himself. Sergeant Park Beom-goo (Kim Sung-kyun) notices his tenacity and ability to observe and assigns him to the D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) team. Their mission? To catch deserters and bring them back to base. An Joon-ho works with Sergeant Park Beom-goo and Corporal Han Ho-yeol (Koa Gyo-hwan) on the team.

Official poster for 'D.P.'
First release still from upcoming Netflix series 'D.P.'

As An Joon-ho chases these deserters down, he comes face to face with their realities and the pain that led them to run away.

Watch the official teaser for D.P. below:

D.P. arrives on Netflix on August 27. Will you be watching?

All photos courtesy of Netflix