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We Got A First Look At J-Hope In The Box, Out Now On Disney+!

BTS' sunshine Jung Hoseok a.k.a J-Hope's documentary lets us in on the insider details of the journey to his latest album, and the road leading to Lollapalooza

J-Hope 'Jack in the Box"

Starting today, you can already watch "J-hope IN THE BOX", a Disney+ documentary special on the artist's journey to his biggest project in his career thus far. 

Coming from a whirlwind year, J-Hope lets us in on the insider details of the journey leading to his brand new album's launch, and the biggest project of his solo career so far—headlining the famed Chicago music festival Lollapalooza. These are stories he's never shared before, so fans are surely in for a treat! 

J-Hope, born Jung Hoseok, and endearingly called 'Hobi' by fans is most famously known to be a member of BTS, a K-Pop boy group that has risen to unprecedented worldwide fame before they decided to take a hiatus, to pursue solo projects. Since that announcement in 2022, J-Hope has then taken strides in pursuing his biggest personal projects to date—the launch of his second solo album entitled "Jack in the Box", and headlining the wildly popular music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago. 

As viewers, and as fans, we often only see the finished product—the performance, the song, the album, and we tend to forget the grueling process it took to get there. In J-Hope's documentary, one will witness the days, nights (often sleepless), and in-between moments for artists like himself, who battle it out day in and day out to produce a masterpiece for the world to see. 

J-Hope in the Box

The documentary starts off and trails on with J-Hope talking in front of a camera, as he's used to doing, telling the viewers his raw emotions about all that is to come. Being so used to performing alongside six of his BTS members RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, J-Hope admits that there is a different kind of pressure to perform solo, as there is no one else around to draw energy from. Later on in the documentary, we will see glimpses of Jimin, who flew to Chicago to be with J-Hope at Lollapalooza—an act he appreciated, as it's a big deal for a close friend to be present at a very stressful, yet exciting moment in his life.

Hundreds of days before D-Day, J-Hope chronicles the process he went through, from conceptualizing the album, writing songs, producing songs, spending hours on end in the studio and missing family get-togethers, running into dead ends, getting uninspired, resting, going back to family, and getting inspired once again. 

The documentary shows us rare footage of J-Hope visiting his mom and dad in their home in Gwangju, South Korea. Surely his parents are very proud of all that their son has achieved. But behind cameras and stages, J-Hope is still a regular young man longing for the warmth of home. He shows us around the house, and truly, it is endearing for viewers to see this side of a world-famous superstar.

A scene from the "Arson" music video, a track from his latest album

Returning back to Seoul after a much-needed rest, he's armed and ready for the final planning stage of his upcoming listening party for 'Jack in the Box', his latest solo album. To say that he's hands-on is an understatement. If you follow J-Hope on Instagram, you'll notice how thoughtful he is with his fellow members and friends, and this is also seen in the way he prepares for the party. 

J-Hope in his Jack in the Box listening party in Seoul

Being the resident "sunshine" in BTS, J-Hope truly lights up every room he enters... or exits. In the docu, it was lovely for the viewer to witness how warm he is with the staff, walking to each one and personally thanking them for a job well done—as the listening party drew to a close. As this leg of the process is done, he's onto the next busy weeks ahead—rehearsing and polishing plans for Lollapalooza. 

'Jack in the Box', J-Hope's second solo album depicts the artist's current state as a person, as a performer, and as a young man. He speaks of wanting to get out of the box to speak his message of hope, of wanting to express himself in ways that show how he has matured and grown through the years. We are treated to insider footage of rehearsals, studio days, and planning meetings for Lollapalooza—narrated by J-Hope himself. 

Rehearsal for Lollapalooza

Fans are in for a front row-like experience, as J-Hope takes us along to Chicago for all the behind-the-scenes action of his first ever solo headlining experience. 'Hobipalooza', as loyal fans called it, was a huge success, and in every track that was performed, we witness the artist's hard work, dedication, and love for his craft. "The messages I like to convey through my songs are nothing grand", he shares, but as viewers, we are constantly inspired by his drive to keep showing up in the best way. 

J-Hope performing at Lollapalooza

Two days after the successful Lollapalooza performance, we see J-Hope having a relaxing time, admitting that he is finally able to eat again, with all the stress of the preparations behind him. Asked about what's next for him, he openly shares, "whatever goals, dreams, and hopes you have keep you going I think." "The beginning of this project was even before I debuted", he adds. What a ride its been for J-Hope fans. No doubt this journey he has taken has added yet another colorful chapter to his life, which we will continue to watch admiringly.

J-Hope IN THE BOX is now streaming on Disney+

Photos courtesy of Disney+. J-Hope IN THE BOX is produced by HYBE.

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Through The Years: The Evolution Of BTS’ Sunshine, J-Hope