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Jung Hae-in's Most Lovable, Swoon-worthy Roles

We can't get enough of this popular Korean actor! We round up six of his most well-loved characters in his career

Jung Hae-in is well loved for his sweet and romantic boy-next-door image. Let's be real—who can resist his sweet smile and handsome looks? Beyond his attractiveness, Jung Hae-in also has some solid acting skills and has proved his range with nuanced portrayals.

Jung Hae in as Seo Jun-hui alongside Son Ye Jin as Yoon Jin-ah in 'Something in the Rain' | Tumblr, JTBC

We’re super excited to see a different side of the actor in the upcoming Netflix series D.P. (Here's an insider secret: he trained in boxing for three months to prepare for the role and the action scenes required of him!) While we wait in anticipation, let’s take some time to appreciate some of Jung Hae-in’s most lovable characters thus far.

Which of Jung Hae-in’s characters do you love the most? Don’t miss out on seeing him in D.P. when it premieres tomorrow, August 27, only on Netflix!

All photos courtesy of Netflix