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Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Have A New Show Together

‘The House Arrest of Us’ premieres on October 24

This evening, the hashtag KathNiel, a portmanteau for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s love team, found itself trending on Twitter, with rumors of a proposal swirling in the air. The only thing fans weren’t sure of was whether or not the proposal was real, or if it had something to do with an upcoming project the couple was set to announce. Stans of the love team shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet — Kathryn and Daniel aren’t engaged, but the two new characters they’re set to portray are!

In a new “digi movie series” called The House Arrest of Us (a cheeky play on one of their movie titles, The Hows of Us), Kathryn and Daniel are set to play Q and Korics, respectively—a newly-engaged couple gearing up for the pamamanhikan, which goes awry when the government suddenly announces a total lockdown. It’s a modern Romeo and Juliet situation, you see: Korics’ “big, liberated family” is no match for Q’s “judgmental and nouveau riche” folks, all of whom end up having to live with each other for the remainder of the lockdown. Now that’s a comedic premise if we ever saw one! 

Based on behind-the-scenes photos, the rest of the cast seems to consist of Ruffa Gutierrez, Riva Quenery, Nadia Montenegro, Alora Sasam, Dennis Padilla, Herbert Bautista, and Gardo Versoza.

The new show premieres on on October 24 and on iWant TFC the following day. A season pass will allow the ticket-buyer access to 13 episodes of the series every Saturday at 2 p.m. from its premiere date until January 16, 2021. There are special early bird rates until October 15 (for 10% off) and October 23 (for 5% off). 

Lead photo from @supremo_dp