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Kim Ji Hoon Talks About Working On 'Flower of Evil'

The actor behind the real Baek Hee-sung talks about working with castmates, his 'Flower of Evil' scenes, and his plans for the future

As someone who struck fear in viewers every time he'd appear on the recently concluded Flower of Evil, actor Kim Ji Hoon did an impeccable job as Baek Hee-sung, wouldn't you agree?

For those unfamiliar with the Flower of Evil premise, you may have seen him in dramas Jang Bori Is Here (2014), Bad Thief, Good Thief (2017), The Rich Son (2018), and Babel (2019). Flower of Evil is about a man named Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon-Gi) and his detective wife Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae-Won). Years and years into their relationship, she begins to suspect her husband of being a serial killer.

In this drama, Kim Ji Hoon played the evil (and somewhat creepy) Baek Hee Sung who had framed Do Hyun Soo and basically is to blame for a vast number of things going wrong in his life. Recently, Kim shared his thoughts about his overall experience filming the hit drama and what's next for him in an interview.

Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ji Hoon in 'Flower of Evil' | tvN
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On working together with Lee Joon Gi on the show

“He’s such a sincere actor with so much passion and tenacity about acting, so every moment I spent acting with him was so enjoyable,” he said. “I think you can feel mentally happy even when you’re physically exhausted if you’re doing something that you really love, and I think that both Joon Gi and I felt the same way when we were acting together. On top of that, it’s hard enough to put all the care required into just your own acting, and yet I learned a lot from him as I saw how he, as a star of the show, kept up the mood on set and was a leader. He’s more detailed and passionate than anyone, and if he puts his name on a project then he truly puts everything into it. He’s really someone I can learn a lot from. We knew each other before the drama, but now that we’ve worked together, I came to sincerely respect him.”

Actor Kim Ji Hoon | Asianwiki

On his performance and acting in 'Flower of Evil'

Kim Ji Hoon admitted that being able to have the opportunity to change his image with his character in Flower of Evil. “I also wasn’t certain whether I could scare people, since I don’t look scary at all. I saw a lot of comments that said, ‘I was so scared I almost peed myself,’ and although that’s a bit gross, I was really happy about it. I was thrilled to be able to make people feel scared." He shared that he was surprised that viewers found his acting to be so frightening. “Whenever I checked my performance by watching the show, I felt regret,” he said. “I would wish that I’d done a certain scene with a different expression or said a line with a different tone."

On future roles and what's next for him

Kim shared that in his next work, he wouldn't mind taking a role as a villain again. “Even if it’s a villain, if the project is strong and I’m charmed by the role, then I would take on the challenge. There are a lot of things I want to do. I want to try a really ardent romance melodrama, a romantic-comedy, a true genre work as a detective or another villain, and a masculine noir genre project. I’m confident that I could do it all in my own unique style.”

We Can't Help But Notice How Hot "Flower Of Evil" Villain Kim Ji-Hoon Is


We Can't Help But Notice How Hot "Flower Of Evil" Villain Kim Ji-Hoon Is