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Love, Pandemic Realizations, and Go-To Orders, According to the Cast of Kwentong Jollibee

Up-and-coming TV and commercial actors who appeared in the short films ‘First Date,’ ‘Hero,’ and ‘LDR’ spoke to Metro.Style

Andrea Gomez, Bryan Benedict, Cedie Fajardo, Carlo Galano, Iana Bernardez, and Daumier Corilla

Since 2016, Jollibee has been tugging at the heartstrings of Filipino audiences through their Kwentong Jollibee campaign, a series of short films that stars up-and-coming print and TV models, alongside a slew of prominent local directors, including the likes of Antoinette Jadaone, Pepe Diokno, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, and Ianco dela Cruz. The films are released in February, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

This year was no different. As it was in the previous years, by the time February rolled in, three new short films premiered on YouTube: First Date, Hero, and LDR star. Since their release, the videos have been viewed over 20 million times each, across YouTube and Facebook. Recently, we got to speak to the cast of the short films and chat with them about love, their casting process, and their go-to Jollibee order. 

Their answers have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity. 

First Date: Andrea Gomez and Daumier Corilla

On how they were cast:

Andrea: I think it was pure luck, honestly. It was my first audition in the longest time and it was done all via Zoom. I just had to send my videos and I didn’t expect anything at all. I think it was pure luck for me.

Daumier: I was very excited because the scene that they were trying to make us do was very different from other auditions. We had to comfort the other person, hype her up. I do that a lot with my friends because of the pandemic. It was a lot of fun.

On the most important thing they learned about love:  

Daumier: For me, love is putting yourself behind the person that you love. It’s putting the person first, aside from your needs and wants. It’s sacrificing a part of yourself to make the other person happy. 

On the perfect first date: 

Andrea: Very laidback. I don’t like big crowds so I think a date for me would be a walk at one of the trails here. Something that’s very intimate. 

Daumier: It doesn’t really matter the setting or what we do. What really makes the date important for me is how it goes, who you spend it with—the setting could be perfect but if you [don’t have chemistry with your date], then it’s not gonna be fun. 

On their go-to order at Jollibee:  

Andrea: Chickenjoy!

Daumier: Me too! Chickenjoy. Added na lang ‘yung Peach Mango Pie and Spaghetti, but Chickenjoy is number one.

Hero: Iana Bernardez and Bryan Benedict

On how they were cast: 

Iana: Someone recommended me and they asked me to audition via Zoom, which was great, because I didn’t have to go through the traffic of Makati and I didn’t have to wait long lines. But it was different because [we had to cry] at the audition. It was a little challenging because right away you had to cry in front of people you were meeting for the first time. [But] it was a fun experience nonetheless. 

Bryan: Same as [Andrea]—more of luck. I auditioned, the day itself, in-announce na ako ‘yung nakakuha. I think my my features [are more for] kontrabida roles, because I keep landing kontrabida roles. It’s my first time to land an ad na medyo sweet-sweet. I think it’s more of luck na I got the project.   

On working together and creating chemistry:

Bryan: Pag magt-take na, tsaka lang kami nag-uusap ni Iana. Off-cam, parang casual lang kami. Sabi nga nung assistant caster, “Magkunwari muna kayo na mag-boyfriend-girlfriend kayo [for three shooting days] para magkaroon kayo ng chemistry.” Pag on-cam na, you have to indulge into the character and ayun, andun na ‘yung magic na nagkaroon kami ng chemistry.  

Iana: The role really asked us to be boyfriend-girlfriend. The story was about finding strength in your significant other to help you in this pandemic, so that was what we trying to achieve. 

On who their hero is when it comes to love:

Iana: My mom. Especially during the pandemic, fortunately for me I was stuck at home with my family. We had really had more time to bond. Before the pandemic, everyone was just busy with different productions. It was nice to re-explore and re-evaluate the kinds of relationships you have. 

Bryan: Myself [laughs]. I’m more an introvert. When it comes to dealing with problems, ang una mong makaka-argue is ‘yung self mo. You have to have a good mindset in order to overcome those problems and fears. 

On their go-to order at Jollibee: 

Iana: C3! With pineapple juice. And medium fries. And Jolly Hotdog. 

Bryan: Bacon cheeseburger with large fries!

LDR: Carlo Galano and Cedie Fajardo

On how they were cast and how it was like working with Antoinette Jadaone: 

Cedie: Biglaan lang siya actually. The night before the final casting, my agent texted me. Super naghe-hesitate ako, [iniisip ko] na wala akong chance. He messaged me later that night, that I have a Zoom meeting at 9 a.m. When I entered the Zoom call, I saw who the director was. Sobrang na-starstruck ako na, “OMG, gustong-gusto ko na makuha ‘tong part na ‘to.” Feeling ko super once-in-a-lifetime lang ‘to. It was exciting and also nerve-wracking at the same time.

Carlo: I’ve been part of the Jollibee ads since 2017. Every year halos ako nag-audition, hindi lang nung [2020]. Sobrang unexpected and I guess timing lang talaga. I really tried every year for this role, lalo na sa series na ‘to. Very thankful talaga ako. Luck lang din talaga. If you’re fit for the role, you got it. 

On taking care of themselves during a pandemic:

Cedie: Before the pandemic, I really thought 2020 was going to be my year. I feel like everybody felt that. When lockdown started—I feel like I’m naturally a homebody, so at first parang, “Okay, sige. Stuck at home. Ilang weeks lang namantong lockdown.” I was really comfortable at home, I was binge-watching. I was online shopping. But then nung tumagal, parang hindi na masaya ’to. I try to keep myself busy by watching Netflix, spending more time with my family. I tried working out a bit for a few weeks. I started reading books and watching a lot of documentaries just to keep myself busy. I also got to do a shoot with this brand, so at least I still got to work even in the middle of this pandemic. 

Carlo: This year, ngayon pa ako naaapektuhan ng pandemic. [Last year,] nagpo-progress pa ‘yung internship namin. Then this year came, wala nang nangyayari, hindi na kami nakakapag-aral ng maayos. So feeling ko mas affected ako this start of the year. Pero nung 2020, nung ECQ, medyo depressive state ng slight, then came May 2020, nagstart na akong mag-work-out. I had to take care of myself. I had to take time to focus on myself talaga

On whether they believe in long-distance relationships: 

Carlo: Honestly, ako? I kind of tried it for a few weeks, pero LDR is really hard. If you’re the type of person in the relationship na you give importance to quality of time and physical touch, kung ‘yun ang love language mo, mahirap ang LDR talaga. It didn’t work for my end. Parang hindi ako naniniwala na kaya, lalo na sa part ko, because I’m the type of person na kailangan ‘yung presensya ng tao.

Cedie: I feel like ako, kaya ko siya. Kaya ko personally ang long-distance. I feel like when I’m in a relationship, I just trust this person so much na kahit na I don’t get to see that person for a long time, as long as I know and I get to feel the love and the trust, kahit na wala siya, I do believe na nandyan siya for me. 

On their go-to order at Jollibee: 

Cedie: Spicy Chickenjoy, with upgraded fries and drink. ‘Yun ‘yung go-to ko, lalo na nung college. 

Carlo: Ako medyo masiga. Bucket of Chickenjoy ang akin. Half-half, half-spicy and regular, tapos thigh part! Panalong-panalo.

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