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Lee Min Ho Reveals Details About Upcoming Apple TV+ Series Pachinko!

The GQ Korea cover star gets candid about getting the part of Hansu, starting a YouTube channel, and more

Lee Min Ho is GQ Korea's cover for February 2021, all decked out and smoldering in Fendi. Say it with us: what a dreamboat! 

In the interview for the magazine, the actor spoke about his upcoming project, Apple TV+ series Pachinko, and his YouTube channel where he has creative reign and control. Both projects coincidentally mark a chapter in the actor's career where he hopes to make a change and shift out of his "knight in shining armor" image and into roles and projects wherein he can express himself and "work independently" more so. 

He said, “If the knight in shining armor is my representative image, [then actually] I should keep going until I become the emperor in shining armor. I should stop pursuing that image after reaching the peak, so I thought it was over after The King: Eternal Monarch, and I wanted to make a change after that.”


On auditioning for the role of Hansu in Apple TV+ series Pachinko, Lee Min Ho shared that he felt the pressure of having to do well. "It's been about a decade since I auditioned, but the situation has changed from then. I thought it would be so embarrassing if I failed the audition and I was determined to get the role. I worked really hard to prepare for it," he revealed.

Lee Min Ho Takes the Lead Role in Apple TV+ Production ‘Pachinko’


Lee Min Ho Takes the Lead Role in Apple TV+ Production ‘Pachinko’

"I felt very pressured about having to do well. I was really nervous and excited, and I was really happy when I got the part," Min Ho shares.

Pachinko is a drama based on Min Jin Lee's best-selling novel of the same name and follows the story of four generations of a Korean immigrant family as they live their lives across Korea, Japan, and the United States. Min Ho's character, Hansu, is "a rich and powerful merchant with ties to organized crime." So exciting!

The actor also took the chance to talk about the joy he finds in working on his YouTube channel, leeminho film. In the interview, he revealed that he decides the theme and background music, and actually does 70-80 percent of the editing! On this he mused, “I feel the joy of working independently.” 

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All photos courtesy of GQ Korea