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"Mallari" Is Currently the No. 1 Movie on Netflix PH

After bagging multiple awards, "Mallari" takes over Netflix

Mallari, directed by Roderick Cabrido, has set a new benchmark for Filipino horror films following its successful run at the 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

On Friday, June 21, Mallari made its debut as the newest MMFF film to hit Netflix, dominating its streaming movie charts in no time.

“Pamilya Sagrado” Star Piolo Pascual Is Living Life in the Fast Lane


“Pamilya Sagrado” Star Piolo Pascual Is Living Life in the Fast Lane

The psychological horror film, starring Filipino actor Piolo Pascual, explores the partly true-to-life account of Father Juan Severino Mallari, a Catholic priest during the Spanish occupation, who was reportedly driven to madness and murder, allegedly killing 57 individuals in an attempt to heal his ailing mother.

Entwined in three interwoven primary storylines that unfold in distinct eras, Piolo masterfully embodied a triple-character role. It traced back to the history of the Philippines’ only documented serial killer during the 1800s, Fr. Severino Mallari; it also sought to reveal links to his fictional descendants Johnrey Mallari, a photojournalist in the 1940s, and doctor Jonathan de Dios who’s on a quest to cure his dying fiancée Agnes Salvador (played by Janella Salvador) in the present timeline.

Piolo’s exceptional performance in the film has earned him the Best Actor award, tied with Dingdong Dantes for Rewind, at the inaugural 2024 Manila International Film Festival (MIFF) held in January in Hollywood, USA.

Last May, he bagged another win as Film Actor of the Year at the Box Office Entertainment Awards 2024, presented by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation (GMMSF), Inc.

At the recently concluded 72nd Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards, the film took home seven trophies, including Best Actor for Piolo Pascual, Best Supporting Actress for Gloria Diaz, and Best Screenplay for Enrico Santos. It also received accolades for Best Picture, Best Production Design, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects, demonstrating its excellence across all aspects of filmmaking. 

Mallari, produced under Mentorque Productions and Clever Minds, also stars JC Santos and Elisse Joson. It is the first Filipino production to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a milestone that underscores the increasing recognition of Filipino talent on the global stage. 

Piolo Pascual is the latest cover star of Metro. In his interview, he talked about Mallari, saying, "First, when I heard about it, it was a hard pass for me. Both because I had been working so much and I couldn’t quite see how it would work. Then we Googled ‘first Filipino serial killer’ and started reading about his life, goosebumps. Literal goosebumps! I just had to do it." Read more about Piolo and his new teleserye, Pamilya Sagrado, here.

Mallari is now streaming on Netflix.

Text by Leigh Sofia Lazo

Lead photo from @mentorqueproductions