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Metro Editors React to the Finale of ‘Vincenzo’

The Song Joong-ki K-drama was explosive and breathtaking in all its finale revelations!

How are you after Vincenzo’s explosive finale? 

On the most recent episode of Metro K-Drama Round-up (KDRU), the editors—as well as the guests for the night’s show—shared all their reactions to the drama’s final episode. Vincenzo, for those who haven’t seen it, follows a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer who gives a conglomerate a taste of its own medicine. It’s sleek, exhilarating, and addicting, and we can’t believe it’s over. 

As the drama came to an end, the Metro editors talked about their thoughts on the show. On the panel for this discussion:

Geolette Esguerra: Metro.Style Editor-in-Chief

Justin Convento: Metro.Style Culture Editor

Grace Libero: Metro.Style People Editor

Anna Rosete: Metro.Style Living Editor

Leah Puyat: K-Drama blogger and resident co-host

Daniela Frigillana: Metro marketing officer 

Grace Diez: K-Drama and C-Drama writer  

Patty Ang: Fashion designer

Juana Yupangco: Writer, host, and plant-based advocate

Photo: Netflix

What did you think of the finale? Was it satisfying for you? 

Anna: For me it’s hard for me to say that they deserved their deaths. In terms of character sketches, what I could say is that they all had spectacular endings, except maybe for the stepbrother. I do think that he didn’t deserve that death. Just the intricacies of what he had done was amazing. […] I have to say that the ending where he just looks at the camera, I think that justified his Baeksang. I hope he wins. I felt he was taunting the Baeksang with that, with just those looks at the camera, the long monologue at the end and all that. And like Grace, I thought that the use of the DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) by Zaha Hadid was just beautiful at the end. The building looks like a reptile. It’s slithering, it’s shiny. It’s Vincenzo, how glitzy he is, but also how complicated and dark and deep. 

Justin: The ending for me was so satisfying. My boyfriend and I were so excited to see the finale. Beyond the writing, the deaths, and all that stuff, the catharsis that we all felt, like finally they got what they deserved. It was just a series that was so meticulously thought of and well done. There are a few loopholes—I really would’ve wanted to know more about Chairman Jang Han-seok. But that’s just one of the things that kinda irked me, but overall this is one of my favorite dramas I’ve ever watched.

Juana: Again, like everybody, satisfying. I wanted to point out the crow that was pecking at the chairman and then I thought of what tied everything together, was the use of birds and symbolism. The writer really... pinag-isipan niya. So the pigeon, it makes you think of Europe, and Venice, and all these places surrounding the monument. I thought just the use of that feature was very creative. I googled "symbolism of birds" really quickly. Very interestingly enough, crows signify transformation and the tool that he used to torture Vincenzo at the end was a spear of atonement. Diba when you atone for something, it's some sort of transformation, giving you time to think about what you did wrong. And then 'yun, [the chairman's] ending was the bird finished him off. 

Patty: I think everyone said all the points na. Of course it's always bitin for everyone, but I like that it makes us think. I'm giving props to the writers. The storyline was amazing. Even though I know a lot of people don't like the torture—they find it too much—but I find it interesting even the way they take they were supposed to torture each one of them. It's hard to actually find a series that goes next.

Justin: I totally second that!

Dain: It was really satisfying in a way that the death of all those annoying lawyers and all that was all justified, based on Vincenzo's perspective. [After a while] with all the romance, all the comedy and all that, I forgot that he's in the mafia and that's his true nature. All the deaths, they all underestimated him. What I loved most also is that all the characters had a happy ending. But then bitin sa romance, but it's not a rom-com after all so I tried to manage my expectations.

Grace D: Like so many of you guys, I felt that it was satisfying. It's just that I felt that there was something missing, but I'd like to attribute that to the fact that they killed off Jang Han-seok so I'm definitely heartbroken. But there are things that I really, really liked. First off would be the death of the two most hated villains. I remember when Mr. Cho was telling Vincenzo, "Why don't we just kill them and call it a day?" And I remember Vincenzo threatening Jang Han-seok that he's like a cat who's hungry and is just playing with him like a mouse that's why he didn't end his life. When those death scenes came, Dain was right—it was beyond our imagination. Sobrang creative but also so painful and terrible and it matches them so well and the actions they've done.

Photo: Netflix

Would you want a season two for this?

Leah: Prequel is better. 

Justin: Yeah, and I can see him in Italy! 

Leah: Yes, and how as a Korean child, then he gets attached to a family, then that family gets… Because I was always thinking, why would the Korean social workers assign him to a mafia family? But then when he said in one of his one-on-ones, “The mafia killed my foster family; that’s why I had to go to the opposite family.” I think that would make an interesting prequel, more than his life in Malta now and all that.  

Geolette: The first thing people search for actually is “Vincenzo season two” and it’s also because Netflix kind of has a tendency to also keep things hanging for the possibility of a next season. That will be interesting. 

Photo: Netflix

What did you think of the romance?

Grace: That definitely took a backseat in the story. That’s not central to the narrative and I’m fine with that because I appreciated more the fighting-the-villains angle, the battle with the Babel. I think it was just enough, especially because this writer is really not so big on romance. I’ve seen Good Manager and Fiery Priest. Sabi nga n'ung husband ko, parang this writer is more for the male viewers. Male viewers will appreciate his writing talaga. For me, right dose of romance lang. May right dose of kilig

Dain: I just wanted to support what Grace said. It was made for men because I asked my boyfriend to watch so many K-dramas, and he doesn’t even finish two episodes. He really doesn’t appreciate it. But with Vincenzo, I was surprised because he binge-watched it. He only started last weekend and he’s already on episode sixteen or seventeen. It means that the story was really interesting. And what’s funny is, whenever he watches it he chats with me and updates me. I took a screenshot of his message and then he told me: “Now, I understand why you like him. Because he’s so classy, the way he talks”—siya din daw crush na niya

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The 57th Baeksang Arts Awards Watchlist

Photo: Netflix

Who’s your favorite character in the series?

Leah: Not counting Vincenzo!

Geolette: There’s so many. It's the ensemble that makes it so entertaining.

Justin: All the tenants!

Leah: The tenants as a whole, as a collective noun.

Justin: Especially “Bye Bye Balloon.”

Geolette: “Bye Bye Balloon” agency is just the craziest thing ever.

Leah: Even his accountant! She was so chic! She was so funny. She was so good. I loved her.

Justin: I loved her too.

Leah: She always had cool outfits. She always had perfect hair. The way she would swoon over Vincenzo was so lowkey but so heartfelt—like us fangirls. 

Geolette: Hacker girl was also very cool. You thought she was just “Creepy Girl” until she whipped out her computer and started solving their problems. 

What, for you, is the most unforgettable action/dramatic/comic scene?

Grace D: I like when they went to the gallery, when they dressed up like rich women. I did not expect that, honestly. But they were so good. Di ko sila agad nakilala. That was my favorite because it showed another angle. And of course for the love story fans, that’s where the first kiss happened between the two leads.

Leah: And the amusement park “date”! Oh my goodness, so funny. 

Geolette: There’s always payoff. In literature, they call it Chekhov’s Gun. What Vincenzo does—all the things that he says, all his warnings, his threats, he gives payoff afterwards. He really completes everything that he says and I find that so amazing.

How will you move on from this series? What can you recommend to watch after this?

Juana: I'm gonna watch Descendants of the Sun again.

Justin: I might start it again from the start just so I can feel the kilig

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In Photos: Behind The Scenes With The Cast Members Of "Vincenzo"


In Photos: Behind The Scenes With The Cast Members Of "Vincenzo"

Photo from Netflix