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Metro Reacts to 'Bling Empire'

While we've got a love-hate relationship with the series, it definitely makes for addicting reality TV!


It's been about a week since Bling Empire dropped on Netflix and we just can't talking about it!

In this crazy addictive reality TV series, follow LA's wildly wealthy Asian and Asian American "fun seekers" as they go all out with fabulous parties, drip in diamonds and fur, and blow up the scene—anywhere they go—with lots of drama. And we mean, lots.


On the panel for this discussion:

Renee Nuevo: Metro.Style Writer

Anna Rosete: Metro.Style Living Editor

Randz Manucom: Metro.Style Fashion Editor

and Justin Convento: Metro.Style Culture Editor


1. Love it or hate it—what are your thoughts on Bling Empire? Worth the watch?

Renee: I think it's worth checking out at least; it's very easy to get invested in it. I personally found the first episode a bit too grating, but I don't mind having spent a little over half an hour watching what goes on. Still, I don't think the characters are instantly likable, and I think many of them lack the self-awareness needed in reality TV—it's not as fun as, say, the Real Housewives franchise or something like The Circle. It feels more Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where you'll find yourself rolling your eyes at what's going on in front of you. But they're not all that bad either—some of the cast are just easier to watch than others.

Randz: LOVE IT! I thought it would be some trash reality TV but the life lessons and wisdom on family, love, and self, peppered throughout the show made it really special.

Anna: Kudos if you make it past episode 3! It’s the kind of show that makes you cringe so much, it’s hard to tell if this is enough to keep one going.

Justin: Honesty, I’m in between. I've watched three episodes so far. It’s nothing to miss out on, but it wasn’t terrible per se. I had high expectations since I saw lots of posts online saying it was addicting reality TV and Netflix’s answer to Crazy Rich Asians… it fell somewhat short. However, it was still decent mind-numbing television I wouldn’t mind watching if it were playing in the background.


2. Whose team are you on — Anna or Christine?

Randz: ANNA! Her sage advice being the older one in the mix comes from such life experience. And she’s so cool!! Though I get Christine’s eccentricity. She has been through a lot and now is her time to really enjoy herself—though it gets a bit much!

Anna: Anna. There’s a scene where she gives Kevin a pair of sneakers, and her monologue showed so much more depth to her than what people judge or perceive.

Renee: Based on the first episode, I would say I'm Team Anna. She minds her own business for the most part, and her pettiness is the kind of pettiness I enjoy.

Justin: I’d have to say Anna. I find Christine to be incredibly insecure, though her heart seems to be in the right place. (Great giveaway for Chinese New Year party at Rodeo Drive but please, stop talking about it!) Both of them can be quite petty (to a point where it’s annoying) but seeing that Anna is the “OG Queen of L.A.” and I just feel like, her catty remarks and clapbacks are more justified. (And please… Necklacegate 90210 was a satisfying moment for Team Anna.)


3. Do you think Kelly should break-up with Andrew? See any red flags?

Renee: I do think the way he exploded on her like that was a little scary, and I think Kelly deserves to find someone who can treat her better.

Anna: Yes. They’re not a match.

Randz: YES! You know a toxic man when you see one.

Justin: YES. In Anna’s words: “No dick is that good.”


4. Which character are you rooting for currently?

Anna: I’m rooting for Kevin. He’s the one with a different background, and I hope that he realizes that there’s so much more to life than hanging out with his friends.

Justin: Gosh, I don’t know if it’s because the K-Fever is so strong in me but Kevin is a HOTTIE. (For those who don’t know, his biological parents are Korean.) Apart from him, I guess I’d have to say Kelly because she seems to have such a good heart. Despite everything that’s happened in her life, she still found a way to come up on top, rise above, and be a girl boss!

Randz: I LOVE Jamie! She has little storyline in the mix but her fashion—wow! Modern but controlled. She’s like the breath of fresh air in the mix. I always wait for her to pop up!


5. Which dynamic is currently interesting to you right now?

Renee: I enjoy watching Anna, and I sort of like Kelly, and I like their dynamic together.

Justin: Off the bat, I think of Anna and Kelly’s friendship. Anna seems like she’s sweet when you’re on her side, and she will be protective of you and has your best interests in her heart.

Anna: I see potential between Kevin and Kim.

Randz: Kevin and Kane’s relationship I think is the most genuine. The way they interact though coming from totally separate backgrounds is truly what real friendship is about.


Bling Empire is available to stream on Netflix, if you haven't binge watched it already!