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Erik Matti’s ‘Rabid’ Offers Four Twisted Fables of the Pandemic

The award-winning director, together with Upstream PH, is set to bring you four bizarre tales about how the world can drive you ‘rabid’

The pandemic has been a host of things: sad, devastating, sorrowful, bizarre, weird, hilarious, horrifying—the perfect subject for horror. Now that Metro Manila is slowly opening up again, we’re able to look back at the past twenty months and how it’s changed and transformed millions of us around the world. 

Unprecedented times like these are ripe for storytelling, and award-winning director Erik Matti, whose work includes On The Job, Honor Thy Father, and Seklusyon knows that. Together with movie powerhouses Regal Entertainment and Reality MM Studios, as well as trailblazing streaming platform Upstream PH, Matti is set to bring you four bizarre tales about how the world can drive you ‘rabid,’ aptly titled Rabid


The four episodes, entitled “HM,” “Kami Lang Ba Pwede Malasin,” “Shit Happens,” and “Iba Pa Rin Ang Karne” take inspiration from the current reality of fear, danger, loss and uncertainty, and share similar characteristics with shows like Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone. 

Matti said that the film was inspired by what everyone experienced during the pandemic lockdown. “We almost went crazy on last year’s lockdown. We made this film to capture that feeling of helplessness that bordered on insanity,” he says.


The horror anthology features a cast of both rising and veteran theater actors, including Ameera Johara, Ayeesha Cervantes, Brace Arquiza, Cheska Diaz, Donna Cariaga, Jake Macapagal, Jay Glorioso, Kent Gonzales, Pam Gonzales, Ricci Rivero, Ube Lola, Vance Larena, and Ynigo Delen.

Watch the full trailer below:

Rabid premieres on Friday, November 12 on Upstream PH. Visit Upstream’s social media pages and website to learn more about the film. Tickets can also be purchased through GMovies at

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