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5 Reasons to Watch Win Metawin-Janella Salvador’s ‘Under Parallel Skies’

Thai actor Win Metawin and Filipina actress Janella Salvador team up in a memorable cross-cultural, cross-country romance movie designed to captivate the heart with joy and tears alike

Janella Salvador and Win Metawin for Under Parallel Skies
Janella Salvador and Win Metawin | Photo from 28 Squared Studios

Imagine the beauty of unexpected encounter and connection. It’s been a long time since a new, interesting cross-country onscreen pair inspire this kind of curiosity, excitement and anticipation among avid moviegoers and the Asian entertainment industry. 

Popular Thai actor Win Metawin and beloved Filipina actress-singer Janella Salvador fuel the rom-com frenzy of fans from different countries with their movie Under Parallel Skies, produced by 28 Squared Studios and Two Infinity Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Under Parallel Skies, a film helmed by award-winning director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, follows the story of Parin, a Thai man who flew to Hong Kong in pursuit of his missing mother. While on a mission, an unexpected encounter with Iris, a Filipina hotel receptionist, helped him define what fai lok (happiness) really is and to learn what it means to love and to experience heartbreak and healing amid a city and a culture foreign to him.

The movie is the first-ever production of28 Squared Studios with actor and host Richard Juan serving as the executive producer and Kristhoff Cagape as co-executive producer. It was co-produced with Two Infinity Entertainment of Hong Kong with the generous support of the Hong Kong Tourism Board.


Metro.Style was invited to the Under Parallel Skies grand premiere night gala and it was certainly an unparalleled cinema experience with real-time fan reactions erupting in cheers, joys and various emotions made even more exciting with the presence of the lead actors.

We list down the reasons to catch this heartwarming, and perhaps, heartbreaking film for the young and the old, the romantics and the broken ones, and for those in search of the true meaning of fai lok (happiness).


Win Metawin and his cinematic appeal

So many loyal fans and viewers got introduced to Thai superstar Win Metawin through the hit Thai BL show 2gether: The Series and if you fell in love with him through that, getting to see him on the big screen is another story: you’ll definitely be enchanted. The film camera just loves him! Each time Win appears onscreen, it’s a delight because you see the details of his smile growing as the story progresses and his eyes expressing the emotions needed for the scene be it eyes filled with love or eyes filled with sorrow. Just a chance to see him on the big screen is a huge enough reason to watch this especially if you deem yourself as the biggest fan of the actor. Bonus: the way he delivers his English speaking lines in a deep voice is something incredibly precious and magnetic to watch.


Janella-Win’s charming chemistry

Both stars exhibit boy-next-door and girl-next-door charms so it’s easy to fall in love with their pairing. Their expressive eyes, comedic and dramatic acting chops as well as their good looks (and the willingness to hide and shed it for the movie) make a pretty good combination and translated so well onscreen. The language barrier did not even impair the twosome’s engaging banter and effective exchange of words in numerous pivotal scenes. There was so much fanservice in the movie that the kissing scene between Janella and Win felt like the longest kiss scene ever—a kilig treat you wouldn’t mind shrieking over.


Hong Kong as the cinematic backdrop

With a Thai actor and a Filipina actress as lead stars, you would expect a showcase of both countries so it’s quite refreshing that Hong Kong became the center of the story. In partnership with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Under Parallel Skies showed audiences a different side to it. This time around, the film took us to Tai O fishing village, a historic area located at the far end of Lantau Island. It is also home to scenic hiking trails and traditional restaurants and street snacks. Peng Chau is another area in Hong Kong that was showcased in the film with its beautiful beachscape (note the secluded beach area in the film) and picturesque hiking trails. 

Memorable lines 

There is no shortage of memorable lines from Under Parallel Skies even with the comedic repetition of “I bought you this Thai food from Thai street in Little Thailand…” that will certainly get stuck in the viewers’ minds. But seriously, while it may be billed as a rom-com with a hint of melodrama, the film is very much insightful delving on finding fai lok (happiness) and what it truly means and even such pensive lines from the lead characters like Janella’s “Sunrise and sunsets. Sometimes these little transitions, these little changes… they define the true meaning of life” and Win’s “Good things may come to an end but new good things will arise from endings.”


C-Pop song to love

The film’s touching moments introduced us to C-Pop (canto-pop) through the song “Remember” by Terence Lam which Janella also sang with all her heart as Iris. After watching the movie, one can’t help but search for the song and get immersed in its meaningful lyrics that fits the film beautifully.

Watch and experience the kilig, the humor, the pain and the hope of starting anew all at once.Under Parallel Skies is now showing at Philippine cinemas nationwide. 

Photos from 28 Squared Studios

Janella Salvador and Win Metawin on What It Was Like Working With Each Other


Janella Salvador and Win Metawin on What It Was Like Working With Each Other