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What We Loved About DonBelle’s Rom-Com Movie “An Inconvenient Love”

It's among the Top 10 movies in the Philippines today for a reason!

Sprinting to the top spot of Netflix’s “Top 10 Movies in the Philippines Today” following its release, the Star Cinema film An Inconvenient Love made our hearts flutter this love month. The hit DonBelle movie trended on its premiere on the streaming platform, transcending the Korean content Unlocked, and the crime and thriller films with the titles The Bank Job and The Strays.

Starring Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, the story tells the tale of two teenagers, Manny (Donny) and Ayef (Belle), who are working their way toward their dreams. Drenched in everyday middle class crises such as the Philippine commute system, Ayef expects a major change in her life should she land an animator job abroad.

EXCLUSIVE: Donny Pangilinan And Belle Mariano Make The Coolest Couple Today In Their Hot New Series "He's Into Her"


EXCLUSIVE: Donny Pangilinan And Belle Mariano Make The Coolest Couple Today In Their Hot New Series "He's Into Her"

Currently working at 24ever—a convenience store—she stumbled upon Manny at an unexpected incident that turned their stranger status to talking terms. Manny, the son of a business tycoon, started braving the tides to know Ayef better and keep her close. Caught up in their individual troubles, Manny and Ayef agreed to pursue a “convenient” partnership.

After DonBelle’s stint in the movie Love Is Color Blind and the series He’s Into Her, the love team leads another project as official on-screen partners. Now two of the hottest names in television and cinema, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have captured the audience’s approval with their heart-tugging romance in this romantic comedy offering. 

Donny and Belle are joined by an outstanding cast including Tirso Cruz III (Manny’s dad), Teresa Loyzaga (Manny’s mom), Epy Quizon (Ayef’s dad), Matet de Leon (Ayef’s mom), Precious Lara Quigaman (Manny’s stepmom), Maxene Magalona (Manny’s sister), JC Alcantara (Manny’s half brother), and many more. 

Helmed by Petersen Vargas, An Inconvenient Love premiered on the silver screen in November 2022, making it the first Star Cinema film to make a comeback in the cinemas since the pandemic hit. A brainchild of Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, the DonBelle movie is brimming with kilig and kulit that will tickle even a cold and empty heart.

Here’s what we love about this humor-laden rom-com:

Ayef communicates with canned goods and other grocery items at 24ever.

Ayef was cute when she conversed with the products at 24ever and forwent the past-expiry ones on the shelf. She talks to these inanimate entities and objects as if they lead a sentient life. The gesture shows that she has great sympathy even toward the lifeless things on Earth.

Manny always purchases 24ever items that will amount to 143 pesos to keep exchanging “143” or “I like/love you” with Ayef. Kilig!

Donny’s character in this romantic comedy film is adorably funny as he always makes it a habit to haul products from 24ever that will total to 143 pesos. His motivation behind this “bait” is to tease Ayef and make her tell him that she likes/loves him, too.

Manny calls Ayef “Choo.”

After agreeing on a temporary tie-up, Ayef has laid down rules for her relationship with Manny to deliver. Her list includes not insisting on calling each other “corny” pet names or endearing nicknames, prompting Manny to use “Choo” instead of the usual “Babe,” “Baby,” or other affectionate tags. He coined “Choo” in turn, which means “I choose you.” BRB, we’re melting. Aww!

The animation is refreshing.

From time to time, cartoony clips would come into play in the film to paint Ayef’s imagination. After all, Belle is portraying an artistic persona in the movie so Ayef’s motion picture project and animated stories sway along with what is already happening between Manny and Ayef.

The soundtrack is on-point!

An Inconvenient Love’s official soundtrack boasts an assemblage of homegrown songs such as BGYO’s “Tumitigil Ang Mundo,” BINI’s “Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi” and “Lagi,” Zack Tabudlo’s “Pinadama,” and Moira Dela Torre’s “Aking Habangbuhay.” These tunes make this DonBelle movie even more exhilarating!

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