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When Staying In is the New Going Out—These Shows are Worth the Binge

Staying in means spending quality time at home, and these shows from hayu make for a great way to escape (and even upgrade) your reality

Raise your hand if you’re in desperate need of some change in scenery. Living in the "New Normal" has made it nearly impossible—or if you’ve ventured into the outside world already, stressful—to go out. And for Filipinos who revel in celebrations and get togethers, staying in rather than socializing is an unwelcome change.

But, if there’s something staying in has taught all of us, it’s to accept change and to keep ourselves busy and entertained while at home. Some have become home bakers, some have turned into full-fledged plantitas, while some have escaped into binge watching and never looked back. 

Staying in is the new going out, and why not? A virtual hangout, a bottle of wine or your drink of choice, and a show to binge-watch—that’s all there is to a satisfying time indoors. Now the question is, which shows will start your 2021 off right? hayu’s got something for everyone and for every mood which can satisfy your binge marathon cravings.

With over 300 reality and entertainment shows and more than 8000 episodes to choose from, you can escape into any of these! We’ve handpicked these for you to choose from: 

1. The Real Housewives of Atlanta 


With 13 seasons of RHOA, you would think that the drama would have mellowed down by now. But, thankfully, it hasn’t. If anything, it’s even gotten crazier! Think wedding planning during a pandemic, a couple on the rocks, a new baby, and a new housewife—all added into the mix. Available to stream on the same day as the U.S., you won’t need to miss out on any minute of RHOA. 

2. The Real Housewives Marathon 


If you can’t get enough of the Real Housewives shows, all the drama—and all the seasons—are in hayu. All the seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York City, Orange County, and season one of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City PLUS other The Real Housewives franchises are all there for you to binge-watch.

3. Keeping Up With the Kardashians 


With KUWTK about to enter its last season, fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan might need a refresher course. Brush up on their lives with this “krash kourse,” with seasons 1-19 only on hayu. It’s so satisfying to be a fly on the wall in their grandiose lives and watch their transformations on-screen. 

4. Below Deck 


Have you ever wondered what goes on in a superyacht? Being in close quarters with people 24/7 can’t be an easy feat for anyone, and the crew members in this show prove just that. Drama on the high seas is inevitable! Watch how professional and personal lives clash and hang in the balance. 

5. Top Chef 


Staying at home has forced many to bring out their inner chef. If you’ve graduated from microwaving meals to cooking something from scratch, Top Chef might give you the extra dose of inspiration you need to keep that inner chef alive. With seasons 1 to 17 all in hayu, watch how these professional chefs compete in cook-offs and challenges to win the seed money to open up their restaurant. With so many seasons and so many chefs, you can only imagine the range of dishes and cooking techniques you can pick up while watching this show. 

These are only a few show highlights waiting for you over at hayu! Time to upgrade your reality and binge-watch hayu to your heart’s content!

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