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9 Unlikely K-Drama Romances That Captured Our Hearts

Unconventional but excellent matches that had us swooning over our small screens!

Love is unpredictable and has its own way of finding you, wouldn't you agree? We've watched (and swooned) as some of our favorite drama characters fall in love with someone they never would have expected. Unconventional romances are that much more special, tugging at viewers' heartstrings, as characters overcome barriers and find true love despite their differences.

Se-ri and Capt. Ri's love found a way, despite all challenges | Netflix

Below, check out the unlikely romances from 8 favorite K-dramas that had us swooning over our small screens for months!

Having somewhat unrealistic pairings definitely brings up the romance factor a notch. There’s more suspense and intrigue which gets you rooting for the unlikely couples to beat the odds. These particular romances prove that what matters most is the ability to connect and love each other despite obstacles that couples might face together. And truly, as cliché as it sounds, love does conquer all! 

Moon Kang-Tae and Ko Moon-Young's love is nothing short of destined | Netflix

If you're looking for a little romance and kilig factor, we recommend watching  (and re-watching) these dramas on Netflix, ASAP!