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PSA: All Remaining ‘A World of Married Couple’ Episodes To Be Rated 19+

Brace yourselves! No one is safe. The production team behind 'A World of Married Couple,' also known as 'The World of the Married,' just announced that the show’s latest episodes will be rated 19+ all the way to the finale

The World of the Married viewers may want to reach for their hypertension kit or even for a full glass of water right before watching the new episodes of the show.

The phenomenal hit K-drama isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.If you haven’t seen a single episode of JTBC’s A World of Married Couple and you’re expecting a fluffy romantic comedy K-drama, you’re in for the biggest shock of your life. The mature concept and provocative themes of this K-drama isn’t for the faint of heart nor for viewers below 19 years old.

The drama tells the story of a seemingly happily married couple that fell apart due to betrayal and the rollercoaster emotions brought about by love, revenge and hate.

The producers of the show came out with a statement explaining the decision to go for the 19+ ratings for episode 9 all the way to the episode 16 finale. They felt that the second half of the drama marks the turning point of the psychological warfare between Dr. Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh saying, “The change in the relationship of the intertwined characters and their confrontations and conflicts will be extended further. We decided on a 19+ rating to capture the escalating conflict of the characters in the picture more realistically.”

The recent episode (episode 8) sparked controversy when the female lead Dr. Ji Sun Woo, played by actress Kim Hee Ae, got violently assaulted at home. The production team received criticism for the five-minute experimental  and detailed “first person camera perspective” of the attack. Critics found the scene too violent and “triggering” for victims of home violence.

However, the show’s production has not made a comment on the issue but proceeded to announce the “for adults only” ratings instead.

According to reports, the writer and the producers would like to take the drama into a more dramatic direction and the creative freedom would require a higher rating. Hence, the decision to have the drama rated 19+.

Five Reasons To Watch Korea’s Latest TV Craze “A World Of Married Couple”


Five Reasons To Watch Korea’s Latest TV Craze “A World Of Married Couple”

A World of Married Couple has been making waves in Korean cable television and has been breaking records in viewership ratings. It is currently the third highest rated show in Korean cable TV, just behind SKY Castle and Crash Landing On You.

Just when the drama’s viewers think they’re all getting a respite, it appears there’s no stopping this wild ride A World of Married Couple got us all into. Buckle up as the drama intensifies all the way to its grand finale. 

A World of Married Couple is available for streaming on VIU.

Photo via Soompi