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Five Reasons To Watch Korea’s Latest TV Craze “A World Of Married Couple”

If you’re in the mood for an electrifying K-drama with an intensity that even affects you while watching, Metro.Style highly recommends Korea’s currently trending and top-rating series 'A World of Married Couple'

The ongoing drama A World of Married Couple, also known as The World of the Married, only began airing weeks ago but it has already set a record as JTBC’s drama with the highest premiere viewership ratings. It is currently the third highest rated drama in Korean cable television history, behind SKY Castle and Crash Landing On You.

The show is about a married couple who seemingly appears to be happy together until infidelity was exposed and dark secrets marred the “picture perfect” relationship. Not your stereotypical story about extramarital affair, A World of Married Couple has quickly evolved into a psychological thriller with a lot of surprises here and there. 

The provocative K-drama stars Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon, Han So Hee, Park Sun Young, Kim Yeong Min, Lee Gyeung Young, and Kim Seon Kyeong.

Take this as a strong nudge but Metro.Style is giving you exciting reasons on why A World Of Married Couple should be the next K-drama you should binge on and stay tuned for.

It’s an adaptation of the BBC hit TV series “Doctor Foster.” 

While it is an adaptation of the hit British drama, the show’s director Mo Wan Il stated that the Korean remake will be different from the original version in some aspects. In an interview with The Korea Herald, director Mo shared that “while the original is focused more on the main character, in adapting the story for the Korean drama, we wanted to portray a whirlwind of emotions to range around the main character and the people around her.”


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This show surpassed the ratings of Itaewon Class and is expected to beat SKY Castle.

Since its premiere on March 27, 2020, A World of Married Couple has steadily climbed up in ratings. Just on its sixth episode, it already registered a high average ratings of 18.8 percent Korea-wide and 21.4 percent in Seoul metropolitan area overtaking Park Seo Joon’s Itaewon Class as the drama with second-highest viewership ratings on JTBC. It remains to be seen if it’s going to smash the records of JTBC’s  number one hit drama SKY Castle.


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It’s so fast-paced, episode 6 felt like the series finale already.

One of the drama’s strengths is how fast-paced everything is. There’s really no time to get bored or to look at your watch to check when the drama will end. The drama didn’t even bother on beating around the bush as the husband’s extramarital affair was already revealed to the wife on the very first episode. The first episode also revealed a shocking news: Everyone around the wife—her so-called friends and neighbors—have been aware of the affair for years and basically kept her in the dark. By episode six, you’ve been reeling already with the whirlwind of it all and rejoicing with a seemingly satisfying ending. But then again, you’re rudely reminded that the drama has 10 more episodes to go so buckle up for a wild ride!


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Expect jawdropping plot twists, brilliant acting and direction. 

A lot of the times, watching A World of Married Couple felt like spying on your neighbors’ marriage and gossiping about the scandalous situations they’re in. The show kept detonating bomb after bomb of twists and turns every episode that you’re guiltlessly glued in already. The show marks the return of veteran actress Kim Hee Ae, playing the doctor protagonist Ji Sun Woo, to the small screen after four long years. Her impressive acting skills is met with fiery intensity courtesy of onscreen husband Park Hae Joon’s brilliant performance as the cheating husband who’s also conflicted. The amazing direction of Mo Wan Il also gives life to the show’s realistic portrayal of married couples.

The show introduces you to your new girl crush…or not.

A World of Married Couple wouldn’t be complete without the presence of the mistress. In this case, actress Han So Hee brings to life the role of Yeo Da Kyeong, the beautiful third party who comes from an affluent family. Han So Hee’s beauty is so stunning that you will either be drawn to her and accept her as your new girl crush or find her irritatingly perfect, you’ll hate her even more. After all, she ruined a family. Pick an option. In any case, you can follow her on Instagram @xeesoxee to marvel at her flawless beauty.

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Now that we’ve kept you abreast with Korea’s latest TV phenomenon, start watching A World of Married Couple. It is currently available on Viu. A World of Married Couple airs Fridays and Saturdays so you have something juicy to look forward to every weekend. Thank us later.

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