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All The Major Movie Releases From Now Until December

Why isn’t the Judy Garland biopic one of them?

Surefire signs that the year is coming to an end: everyone’s panicked scramble to figure out who they’re going for this Halloween, Jose Mari Chan’s greatest hits wafting through malls and coffee shops, and Christmas countdowns on the local news—64 days!

Of course, 2019 carries a certain distinction, as not only is the year ending, but so is the decade. With three months left in the year and in the decade, here are all the major movies coming out from now until December, whether on Netflix or the big screen. We’ve got highly-anticipated gems, like Star Wars and Frozen II, as well as films that promise a fun time based on the trailer, like Charlie’s Angels and Spies in Disguise.

Please, however, join us in lamenting the fact that the Judy Garland biopic, aptly titled Judy and starring Renée Zellweger, isn’t showing here this year. Here’s to hoping it comes out in cinemas here in 2020, at least.

We’ll continue to add movies as more release dates are announced, so remember to check back!