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Attention! There Are TWO Movies About May-December Romances In Cinemalaya 2019

Two new sizzling dramedies join the ranks of ‘Soltera’ and ‘Glorious’

Do you remember where you were when the trailer for Glorious dropped?

I was at my old office, surrounded by my coworkers—it was an all-female office, too—and there was a lot of blushing involved. The makeout scenes were hot and heady, and Tony Labrusca’s character was thirty years younger than Angel Aquino’s! The two-minute trailer became an instant sensation, both online and off. 


Glorious is not the first film to depict a May-December romance. We’ve had a few of those, from Soltera in 1999, to Naglalayag in 2004, and Love Me Tomorrow in 2016. At this year’s Cinemalaya Film Festival, two films join the list: Belle Douleur, starring Mylene Dizon, and Malamaya, starring Sunshine Cruz


Belle Douleur

Belle Douleur, or A Beautiful Pain, tells the story of a self-made woman in her late ’40s who is bent on living on her own for the rest of her days and her journey of finding happiness in complete surrender and sacrifice. Kit Thompson joins her in antiquing, motorcycle-riding, and making new mistakes.



Sunshine Cruz, on the other hand, stars in Malamaya, or The Color of Ash: a film about a pessimistic, uninspired middle-aged artist who finds sparks between herself and a millennial photographer who ultimately leads her on a path of creative and sexual reawakening. She is joined by Enzo Pineda as well as a fluffy gray feline.

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