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Catch These Movies On Metro Channel On The Week Of Father’s Day

From June 14 to 21, bond with dad with eight great films he's sure to love

Father's Day is coming up and Metro Channel has handpicked great films that your dad will surely love, giving a total of eight different reasons to make some popcorn and kick up your feet while laughing and crying with your old man.

Expect classic comedy dramas, something touching and sentimental for the whole family to enjoy, and some crime films to get the heart racing with non-stop action. What’s important is that you get to spend some quality time with the man to whom we’re dedicating this week!

Catch these movies on Movie Nights on Metro, premiering every 9 p.m. on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.

The 2010s: A Critic’s Top 10 Filipino Films of the Decade


The 2010s: A Critic’s Top 10 Filipino Films of the Decade

Henry's Crime

June 14, Sunday

Henry Torne (Keanu Reeves) finds himself in prison for robbing a bank—which he didn’t actually do. So after 18 months of serving time he didn’t deserve, he realizes he might as well do the crime they put him in jail for. With the help of his cellmate who he convinces to file for parole, they discover a hidden underground passage that connects the bank that they want to rob to a theater—where he will meet and helplessly fall in love with Julie Ivanova (Vera Farmiga). Sounds like a huge thriller crime movie but actually, it’s a rather feel-good romcom movie to unwind to on a weekend night.

Movie 43

June 15, Monday

If you think you know what outrageous is, think again because this movie is the outrageously comedy movie you’ll have no reason not to watch. Movie 43 follows 14 different short story timelines featuring the biggest names in Hollywood—Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone, Anna Faris, Chloë Grace Moretz, Chris Pratt, Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, and Julianne More—all reprising questionable characters in questionable plots. Just sit back, don’t question it, and have a good laugh.

The Open Road

June 16, Tuesday

Some guys just want to be like their father—but Carlton (Justin Timberlake) is not one of them. Why would he when his dad, Kyle (Jeff Bridges), has disappointed him his whole life? But when they’re forced to go on a long road trip together, this father and son tandem find themselves in a position wherein they might just finally reconnect a bond that thought to be long lost to time.


June 17, Wednesday

Kevin Spacey is Dr. Henry Carter, the world-famous shrink to the stars and author of countless bestselling novels. Everyone thinks he’s got it all figured out. Everyone holds him in high regard. But when he finds that it’s now his turn to face his issues, who will Dr. Henry turn to? This independent comedy-drama premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and continues to bring delight and touch the hearts of those who watch it to this day.

The Impossible

June 18, Thursday

Maria (Naomi Watts) and Henry Bennett (Ewan McGregor) take their three sons Lucas (played by a young Tom Holland!), Thomas, and Simon on a beautiful Christmas holiday in Thailand. Little did they know they were about to embark on the most life-altering moment of they would ever face. In 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami hit Southeast Asian countries hard—and the Bennetts were not spared. Based on the true story of María Belón and her family’s experience surviving the disaster, The Impossible will bring the whole family to tears.


June 19, Friday

It only takes one person to start a revolution—and in 2001, that was Steve Jobs when he introduced the iPod. This is Steve Jobs, portrayed by Ashton Kutcher, and his story from when he was a student at Reed College in 1974 to the creation of the very first Apple computer to the rise of the empire that we now know and love. There were countless of challenges along the way, emotional highs and lows, but it all leads the way to one thing: victory.

The Swindlers

June 20, Saturday

Hwang Ji-sung is the swindler of swindlers. And in this Korean crime action movie, actor Hyun Bin is not his usual oppa self—he is the world's most legendary con man that everyone is trying to track and pin down. Because of his latest scheme, unlikely allies from different sides of the law will team up to catch him—but will they succeed against the king of heists?

Confidential Assignment

June 21, Sunday

What if North Korea and South Korea joins forces to accomplish one mission? When a crime organization from North Korea crosses over to the South Korean border, detectives Im Cheol-ryung (Hyun Bin) and Kang Jin-tae (Yoo Hae-jin) work together to solve this case for the first time in Korean history. Expect action-packed scenes, seat-gripping stunts, and overall great storytelling that’s characteristic of South Korean productions. A great wrap-up for Father’s Day!

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