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These CinemaOne Films Are Available To Watch On YouTube For Free

You can watch “Sa North Diversion Road,” “Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay,” “That Thing Called Tadhana,” and various other documentaries and short films

We’re in Week 3 of the quarantine, and if you’ve found that you’re slowly running out of things to watch, we’re back with another guide of what to check out! Previously, we recommended sitcoms and dramedies to binge if you need a distraction, 50+ titles that are free to stream on iWant, six new novels to read, and all the movies—and one musical!—that have been uploaded to YouTube for free. Here, we’ve rounded up all the CinemaOne originals—full-length or otherwise—that you can stream online at no cost

All The Free Movies (and Musical!) You Can Watch During This Time of Self-Isolation


All The Free Movies (and Musical!) You Can Watch During This Time of Self-Isolation

Red (2014)

Starring Jericho Rosales and Mercedes Cabral, Red tells the story of the eponymous fixer (played by Rosales), who is hired by a socialite to deal with the mess that follows a drug-bust-gone-wrong.

Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay (2011)

Lilia Cuntapay, a horror movie extra known to generations of Filipino audiences as the quintessential White Lady, receives an acting nomination for the first time in her life, and this Antoinette Jadaone work follows her as she prepares for it. 

Shift (2013)

In Shift, starring Yeng Constatino and Felix Roco, a call center agent is mentored by a more senior member of the team, and their friendship blooms into an unconventional relationship.

Anak Ni Brocka (2005)

Anak ni Brocka stars powerhouse actors—from Gina Alajar, to Bembol Roco and Jaclyn Jose, to Ronnie Lazaro and Behn Cervantes—as a group of investigative journalists accidentally get the scoop of their lives: a 21 year-old boy is looking for his father, who he claims is the legendary Lino Brocka.

Sa North Diversion Road (2005)

A man and a woman traverse the North Diversion Road, exploring the aftermath of the man’s infidelity. Based on the play by Tony Perez and starring John Arcilla and Irma Adlawan, Sa North Diversion Road is a masterclass in acting.

Sanctissima (2015)

In this short film directed by up-and-coming director Kenneth Lim Dagatan, Marisa is a recluse whose only contact with the outside world are her patients—women who get abortions—but her dark, quiet life is endangered when one of her patients is bothered by a complication.

Anino (2000)

Starring John Arcilla and Ronnie Lazaro, Anino tells the story of a man who lives in poverty, hailing from a far-flung province. He travels to Manila with nothing but a camera, staying at churches and hoping that people will hire him to take their photographs. 

UPCAT (2008)

Seniors at a high school believe that passing the UPCAT will make their dreams come true. 

Rome & Juliet (2006)

Two straight women fall in love with each other—one of them a conservation preschool teacher, Juliet (played by Andrea del Rosario) and another a liberated wedding planner, Rome (played by Mylene Dizon). They meet when Juliet hires Rome to plan her wedding, but they find a connection in each other and it develops into something more.  

Yanggaw (2008)

Also called “Affliction,” Yanggaw tells the story of a girl who develops a mysterious infection that leads her to turn into a horrifying monster. 

Confessional (2007)

A documentary filmmaker from Manila finds himself covering the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, but meets a retired, corrupt politician ready to bare everything. 

That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

Starring Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman, That Thing Called Tadhana tells the story of two individuals seeking to mend each other’s hearts and answer the question, “Where do broken hearts go?”

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