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17 Fresh And Upcoming K-Dramas That Should Be On Your Radar Now

Exciting times ahead for K-Drama fans! Bring out the popcorn, chips and soda as we all go together on a K-Drama marathon

The Hallyu wave remains alive and dynamic especially in these extraordinary times when we are all looking for quality entertainment for a quick escape. Apart from OG K-Drama enthusiasts, it appears there’s a new batch who got introduced to the creativity and superiority of Korean dramas via Crash Landing On You (CLOY) and are looking for other shows to satiate their appetite for more.

With the abundance of K-Dramas that have just ended, are airing right now, and some all set for streaming this year, it looks like it’s going to be a busy binge-watching season for K-fans.

Metro. Style compiled a list for your viewing pleasure. Check out these recently concluded, ongoing, and upcoming K-Dramas you should watch!

K-Drama and chill is the way to go! Better prepare the binge-watch snacks with a side of kimchi and banana milk for a satisfying combo.

Lead photos from KBSSBS, and tvN