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These Shows and Movies Put Love and Mental Health In the Spotlight

From ‘Unforgettable’ to ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,’ here are some titles that represent the different facets of mental health

As the world progresses, so do things that humans create. A diverse and evolving writers room makes way for more diverse content, and discerning and critical audiences allow for creators of media, whether TV or movies, to be more mindful and loving in portraying various facets of the human experience—including mental health. Last year, we wrote about 6 shows that positively depict what it’s like to live with a mental illness, from You’re the Worst, to Bojack Horseman, to One Day at a Time. Here, we round up more shows that put love and mental health in the spotlight and portray the experience authentically—all available to stream on Netflix.

Watch The Trailer For Ryan Murphy’s Newest Show, ‘Ratched’


Watch The Trailer For Ryan Murphy’s Newest Show, ‘Ratched’

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