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12 No-Fuss Fictional Characters You Can Go As For Halloween

No costume? No problem. Here are some easy, but recognizable costumes for Halloween

If you’re still scrambling to figure out what your costume is going to be with Halloween only a week away, consider going as the fictional characters from this list—they wear clothes so casual you’re sure to find something similar in your closet, but they’re also recognizable and iconic enough that people won’t look at you with furrowed brows trying to guess who you’ve gone as (unless, of course, they haven’t seen Succession yet, in which case: Tell them to watch Succession!) 

Classic Steve Harrington, Stranger Things

Photo: Netflix

Despite never having seen a single episode of Stranger Things, I went as Steve Harrington-about-to-fight-the-Demogorgon last year for Halloween, because my old office was doing a theme for the festivities. Since season 3 came out, however, his most recognizable look became the sailor outfit, but the good ol’ gloves and shades remain a classic. Just throw on a grey jacket, some blue jeans with a black belt, a baseball bat with nails on it, and yellow dishwashing gloves, and you’re all set! Optional: A small towel atop your left shoulder.

Your preferred version of Sabrina Spellman
Photo: Netflix / Photo: IMdB

Whether you think of going as Netflix’s Sabrina or the classic 90s icon played by Melissa Joan Hart, both iterations of everyone’s favorite teenage witch are quite simple to copy. We recommend Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s red off-shoulder + black tank top situation, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’s all-black ensemble, complete with a pointy witch’s hat. Black cat optional! 

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Luke Danes, Gilmore Girls
Photo: Netflix

Stars Hollows’ beloved coffee-serving grump has always been one of the most iconic—yet remarkably simple—character designs. Just take a plaid shirt, roll up the sleeves, put on a backwards baseball cap (and your grumpiest frown!), et voila! Hi, Luke! Coffee please, in an IV drip. 

Fran Fine in turtlenecks, The Nanny
Screencaps from @whatfranwore

One of the most recognizable fictional characters from the 90s—whether by voice or appearance—Fran Fine from The Nanny may have really extravagant and campy outfits that are quite difficult to mimic, but she also often sports a plain black turtleneck paired with a printed (and often very loud!) skirt, tights, and thigh high boots, totally transforming her look. Check her out in “Where’s The Pearls,” “Where’s Fran,” and more. Remember, whichever outfit you choose, make sure your hair is teased to the high heavens, as it’s what Fran would want. 

Maxwell Sheffield during his midlife crisis, The Nanny
Screencap from @whatfranwore

While the Broadway producer also sports quite a few turtlenecks on the show, nothing comes close to how debonair he looked when he was going through his midlife crisis. Grab a tight black top and some jeans—don’t forget the belt—but do remember that this is the one time that you can go without Maxwell’s iconic grey streak. 

Cady Heron on Wednesdays, Mean Girls
Photo via Vogue

On Wednesdays, the Plastics wear pink, and since she’s been invited to sit with them, Cady Heron needed to wear pink. The only problem is she doesn’t have anything pink, so in comes Damian’s pink Lacoste shirt to the rescue. If you’re going out to party—or are traversing your village for trick-or-treating, consider going as Cady Heron in this get-up for ultimate comfort. 

Regina George’s failed sabotage, Mean Girls
Photo: IMdB

Yet another Mean Girls get-up, the accidental look that Regina George popularized in North Shore High, when Cady, Janis, and Damian’s attempt to embarrass and sabotage Regine failed. Pair it with army pants and flip-flops, because one Mean Girls reference isn’t enough!

Shirley Crain, The Haunting of Hill House
Photo: Netflix

Perhaps the simplest costume of all: Wear any casual outfit you own, then just start yelling “BLOOD MONEY.” 

Shiv Roy, Succession
Photo: HBO

The second out of three really good turtleneck ensembles in this list, channel your best Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing as Shiv Roy, the Roy family’s unica hija. Simple, classy, understated, and best of all, effortlessly luxurious. 

Nick Dunne, Gone Girl
Photo: IMdB

Easy: put on a light blue polo, recreate the blown-up version of Amy Dunne’s Missing poster, and flash your most lopsided Ben Affleck smile—the same smile that convinced David Fincher that Ben is Nick Dunne, through and through. 

Amma Crellin as Persephone, Sharp Objects
Photo: HBO

There’s no way we wouldn’t recommend a Gillian Flynn heroine. For Halloween, go as the criminally gorgeous Amma Crellin, and choose from a bevy of pretty cool outfits: The blue lemon dress; the bomber-letterman jacket hybrid; or the goddess Persephone—flower crown, bags under the eyes and all. Pair your chosen outfit with some rollerskates and get ready to unleash good girl hell. 

Cordelia Foxx, American Horror Story
Photo: IMdB

The third out of three turtlenecks comes in the form of Cordelia Foxx’s ensemble in American Horror Story: Coven’s finale, with the freshwater pearls completing the “dark sophistication” look that the wardrobe designers were looking for. Optional: Sunglasses, but please keep your eyes away from sharp knives, lest you actually end up like Cordelia.

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Lead photos from IMdB and Netflix