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16 Rom-Coms and Chick Flicks On Metro Channel To Get You Through The Quarantine

We’re holding Movie Nights with Metro for the remaining two weeks of the ECQ and you wouldn't want to miss these movies!

Need a little pick-me-up or just looking for something to watch and laugh at or cry about? Metro Channel is hosting Movie Nights on Metro from April 15 to May 2 and we’ve got a spectacular lineup of romantic comedies, romantic dramas, chick flicks—just a whole bunch of films that will inspire you to fall in love all over again.

Catch these movies on channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD every day, from 10PM to 12 midnight.

A Little Bit of Heaven

April 15, Wednesday

Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson) is a happy-go-lucky ad executive who refuses to fall in love and suddenly finds herself with terminal cancer. When God appears to her in her anesthesia-induced state, she makes three wishes that she will see fulfilled one by one. But what if a man, Julian Goldstein (Gael Garcia Bernal) walks into her life and makes her do the one thing she didn’t want to do? A Little Bit of Heaven will make you laugh, get kilig, cry, and learn how to live in the moment and embrace what gives you happiness.

Hyde Park on Hudson

April 16, Thursday

Based on the private diaries of Margaret "Daisy" Suckley, a cousin and childhood friend of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Hyde Park on Hudson is a historical comedy-drama that follows President Franklin’s (Bill Murray) close relationship with her cousin Daisy (Laura Linney) and dramatizes what happened when King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, visited the United States in the 30s, hoping to get support against Germany. It’s a close look into Roosevelt’s personal life and makes a commentary on how nowadays, celebrity culture infuses politics more than necessary. 

Love and Other Disasters

April 17, Friday

Imagine if Love Actually, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Sex and the City had a film baby set in London—that’s the flavor of Love and Other Disasters. Starring Brittany Murphy as Emily 'Jacks' Jackson, an American who now works for British Vogue; and Matthew Rhys as Peter Simon, a gay struggling screenwriter, the best friends will find their lives more complicated when Paolo, a photography assistant for one of the photographers at Vogue, barges into their lives. They might just get a chance at fixing their romantically dysfunctional lives.

Silver Linings Playbook

April 18, Saturday

Based from the bestselling novel The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick, this movie is a quirky, warm, and roller-coaster feels ride starring Bradley Cooper as Patrizio "Pat" Solitano Jr. and Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany Maxwell. Two emotionally and mentally confused individuals will be brought together in the screen, one a young widow and one a recent divorcee, and they will try to work out their kinks and quirks through their unconventional relationship. It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s a love story that one has never seen before.

The Good Guy

April 19, Sunday

We love a good ol’ love triangle playing it out in a romantic comedy filled with money, sex, and the need to succeed. Beth Vest (Alexis Bledel) will find herself torn between her perfect and successful boyfriend Tommy Fielding (Scott Porter) and Daniel Seaver (Bryan Greenberg), the shy guy she meets in the bookstore. Things also get a little messy since Tommy is the man behind Daniel’s transformation and upcoming success, forcing each one of them to make a decision that will impact each other’s lives.

Suburban Girl

April 20, Monday

Brett Eisenberg’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) dream is to become a book editor, but her unconfident nature and immature relationship with her boyfriend has always held her back. That’s until she meets Archie Knox (Alex Baldwin), a much older playboy publisher who begins to shape and change her life. But of course, things will turn sour and Archie will soon mess things up. How will Brett and Archie reconcile their differences and priorities? Watch to find out!

Studio Ghibli Films Are Coming To Netflix


Studio Ghibli Films Are Coming To Netflix

Celeste and Jesse Forever

April 21, Tuesday

They were best friends, they were soulmates, but now they’re broken up. But it seems like Celeste Martin (Rashida Jones) and Jesse Abrams (Andy Samberg) are not ready to move on from each other just yet as they navigate their daily lives still pretty much attached to each other. But what if one of them falls in love with someone else? Will they finally find and accept the reason for their break-up, or will it just bring them back together? Celeste and Jesse Forever is indeed a refreshing rom-com that will make this quarantine just a teeny bit more bearable.

Ira and Abby

April 22, Wednesday

One of the things that Ira and Abby proposes is that marriage isn’t about feelings; it’s a contract. And how true will this be for Ira Black (Chris Messina) and Abby (Jennifer Westfeldt)? At the end of the first day that they meet each other, the two suddenly decides to get engaged. Usually, it’s fall in love first, and then get married. But this time, two strangers will decide to get married, and then find themselves hopelessly in love with each other. But what if their unknown pasts catch up to them? Will their love be enough to save their marriage?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

April 23, Thursday

If you’re the type of person who doubts films based on books because they tend to always bastardize the spirit of the literary work they’re based in, then you’re in for a treat. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of those film jewels who honored and stayed true to its roots, which was not surprising since the movie was directed and written by the book’s writer himself, Stephen Chbosky. Prepare to be entertained, to feel for the main character, Charlie Kelmeckis (Logan Lerman) who goes on a journey of finding true friends in a sea of teenage high school hormones, to love the characters of Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller) as they teach Charlie how to live a little, and to cry—of course.

Safe Haven

April 24, Friday

Romance, drama, fantasy, thriller—Safe Haven tries to be a bit of everything for all sorts of people. But if you like Nicholas Sparks and the amazing stuff he’s done—The Notebook, first and foremost—maybe you should give Safe Haven a try. It stars Julianne Hough as Erin Tierney, a woman who’s running from a mysterious past and then finds love in the character of Alex Wheatley (played by Josh Duhamel) in a new place—only maybe, to have it taken away again from her. Safe Haven has been popular for its interesting twist ending, so something to look forward to, too.

Age of Adaline

April 25, Saturday

Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) doesn’t age. After a car accident, she has been stuck in her 29-year-old body, making her a living, breathing miracle—this is why people will try to go after her to find out the secret to her immortality. Scared of what they will do to her, she spends her life in hiding and constantly changes her identity, not allowing people to stay in her life too long. But when will she get tired of running away? Will Ellis Jones (Michael Huisman) make her want to reconnect with someone again?

Metro Channel’s Food And Lifestyle Shows You Should Be Watching This Quarantine


Metro Channel’s Food And Lifestyle Shows You Should Be Watching This Quarantine

Great Hope Springs

April 26, Sunday

Who wouldn’t love a Meryl Streep movie? This woman can sell any character! If you’re looking for a bit of fun, a bit of love, Great Hope Springs will hopefully ignite that spark, just like it did for its characters, Kay (Meryl) and Arnold Soames (Tommy Lee Jones). The elderly couple will try to reignite their marriage with the help of an intense one-week counselling, and it will be awkward, funny, and inspire you to love all over again.

The Big Wedding

April 27, Monday

It’s a star-studded cast and there will be a lot of riot—it’s a big wedding, what else do you expect? Donald (Robert De Niro), who now has a new girlfriend (Susan Sarandon) will pretend that he’s still with his ex-wife Lyla (Katherine Heigl) for the wedding of their adopted son Alejandro (Ben Barnes) to Melissa (Amanda Seyfried). Their daughter Ellie (Diane Keaton) is not pleased but they all have to behave since Alejandro’s biological mother (Patricia Rae) is also in attendance. What’s a family reunion without a little chaos and laughter and tears, right?

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

April 28, Tuesday

The world has three weeks left until a big asteroid hits Earth and kills everyone. So what are the people supposed to do? Party like there’s no tomorrow, do whatever they’ve always wanted to do, and for two people, it’s go back to where their heart belongs. Dodge Peterson (Steve Carell) will find a friend in Penny Lockhart (Keira Knightley) as he tries to go back to the love of his life and while she tries to go home to her family. Will they make it before their time is up? Don’t worry, this rom-com is anything but dark and dreary. It’s just the whole world bursting into a party before everything is blown to smithereens.

So, 1000+ Movies are Streaming For Free on iWant. Here Are Over 50 Titles You Should Check Out


So, 1000+ Movies are Streaming For Free on iWant. Here Are Over 50 Titles You Should Check Out

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

April 29, Wednesday

Based on a 1984 pregnancy guide of the same name, What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a hilarious film starring a huge cast: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrison, Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock, and Rodrigo Santoro. The film will follow the lives of these five couples as they undergo pregnancy and parenthood and just relationships in general. Certainly a feel good film right when you need it.

Blue Valentine

April 30, Thursday

We’re not surprised Blue Valentine has received critical acclaim and many nominations because it’s truly one of the most poignant, beautiful, and heartbreaking films we’ve seen. Enjoy a ukulele-playing Ryan Gosling as Dean Pereira and a tap-dancing Michelle Williams as Cindy Heller, as they retell the story of their courtship, their marriage, and their falling out. Prepare to fall in love all over again.