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15 TV Shows About Fearless, Powerful Women

From ‘Grace and Frankie’ to ‘The Good Wife,’ these TV series prove that there’s no age limit to feeling—and being—powerful and fearless

The current television landscape is teeming with portrayals of women of all kinds—strong, angry, brave, scared, smart, flawed—and of all ages. On One Day at a Time, there are multiple generations of incredible women, from their matriarch Lydia Riera to her daughter Lupe and granddaughter Elena Alvarez. On Killing Eve, there’s Eve and Villanelle, an MI6 agent and an assassin who become obsessed with each other. On Pose, there’s Blanca Evangelista, the HIV-positive “mother” of House Evangelista in New York City ball culture. 

Gone (mostly) are the days when the woman is just the daughter, or the mother, or the wife. More and more women are filling writer’s rooms, and more and more people are asking—no, demanding—that women on television are written in more thoughtful and in-depth ways. Below, we’ve rounded up a list of TV shows that champion the women at the center of their narratives, hopping from one genre to another. Whether you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy or a gritty crime drama, if you’re in the mood to see women kick ass, we’ve got you covered.

10 Films Celebrating The Fearless Female At Any Age


10 Films Celebrating The Fearless Female At Any Age

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