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Watch Now: 'Come To Me' on iWant

Stream all episodes of this Thai BL drama that portrays a love that knows no boundaries in neither space nor time—on iWant!

Starring Prachaya Ruangroj and Pawat Chittsawangdee, Come To Me is a Thai television series that explores a love that transcends time and space. Directed by Aof Noppharnach and produced by GMMTV, the BL drama won an award at the LINE TV Awards 2020 for Best Dramatic Scene. 

Come To Me premiered in the country on iWant on August 8, with the remaining four episodes becoming available on the streaming service last August 15. The 8 episodes tell the story of Mes, a lonely ghost procrastinating around a graveyard, and Than, a young boy who pretends to not see spirits. They meet each other and the uncanny wheels of fate begin to turn. 

Watch the trailer of Come To Me:

Plot Synopsis:

Mes (Prachaya Ruangroj) died over 20 years ago with no one ever looking after his grave. Now, living as a ghost, all he does is sit and lie all day waiting for someone to visit him during the Qingming day — an event which happens only once in every year. Until one day, a young boy named Thun (Nattapat Nimjirawat), together with his father, visits the cemetery. He comes across Mes' untended grave and decides to offer some food. He promises to come back every year until Mes discovers that the now adult Thun (Pawat Chittsawangdee) can actually see him. Thun's attention makes Mes feel good about their relationship through their travels until such time that he gets to stay in Thun's dorm. Despite living in two different worlds, Thun's affection towards him fuels his desire to find out the truth on the mystery surrounding his death.Thai television series starring Prachaya Ruangroj (Singto) and Pawat Chittsawangdee (Ohm).

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