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'Crash Landing on You' Has Ended—What Do We Do Now?

It’s our first weekend without ‘Crash Landing on You’ and we don’t know how to go on with our lives

“What do I do if you just leave me like that?” 

“How would I live after you leave like that?”

“What should I do?”

-These are words of Se-ri, hysterical on the border of North and South Korea, as she sees the love of her life taken away. That could also very well be our words this week, when we realized that Crash Landing on You won't be coming back any time soon. 

Crash Landing on You has captured the minds and hearts of not just Filipinos but the whole world with its fantastic premise made to look real with the believable portrayal of Captain Ri and Se-ri. Everyone loved the gorgeous landscapes, the attention to detail, and swoon-worthy moments that formed part of the multi-layered narrative of our North and South Korea lovestory.

And so, we turn to our first weekend without our cast of villagers, without the comrades, and the bedimpled Hyun Bin and the stylish Son Ye-jin. What do we do next? How do we fill the void that Crash Landing on You has left? 

1. Rewatch Crash Landing on You, this time savoring your favorite moments.

When you watch something for the first time, there are some details that you take for granted—some elements you don’t notice at first, all of which can be seen, re-seen, and analyzed to death when you rewatch the show at your own convenience. Now, you don’t have to wait for several weeks to binge watch, you can now spend the entire weekend (roughly 24 hours for 16 episodes) at home or with your friends.

If you’re keen on doing this, why not check out our guide to the most cinematic and the most romantic scenes of CLOY? Treat this as your episode guide.


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2. Find your tribe online and discuss and dissect.

One of the best sources for “recovery” is finding a group of people who share the same “pain.” You might have a special chat group with friends and officemates, or you can talk on Facebook (on your own wall, no less!), and for sure, someone will chime in about CLOY, or you can join fan sites that give new insights as well as translation to social media posts that you might have missed. Going online to read about CLOY might not make up for the real thing, but hey, it’ll prolong the experience.

If you want to find more people who really love CLOY, you can keep tuning in to Metro.Style or check out CrashLandingOnYou or  Crash Landing On you 사랑의 불시착 - Korean Drama on Facebook and Soompi Forum.

3. Be proactive about getting a Season 2. 

Metro editors agree, we all want a Season 2! If you feel the same way, check out the many sites that are petitioning for Season 2, and make your voice heard! You can also set a Google alert for CLOY Season 2 to get in on all the announcements and updates—you wouldn’t want to miss out on this announcement. 


Metro Editors React To The "Crash Landing On You" Finale

4. Take a break from television.

Now that it’s over, it might be a good time to go out and have totally different experience from watching television. Go out with friends, see your family, hang out with friends over wine or go out on a food crawl—anything but staying indoors which could potentially trigger your sense of loss.

If you’re not doing anything this weekend, check out Big Bad Wolf Sale and Art Fair 2020—that’s what we’re planning to do.

5. Plan your K-Drama vacation itinerary.

If you got inspired by the picturesque landscapes, why not plan a trip with your friends and family to some of the locations of CLOY. From South Korea, the DMZ, Mongolia, and Switzerland, you can create your own CLOY scenes on your big trip.

Check out some of our travel stories about CLOY—from the actual locations, to where you can also go to experience this.


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6. Go on a CLOY food trip.

Chicken and beer anyone? You might not have new episodes of CLOY but we can still eat and drink like Captain Ri and Se-ri. From kimchi to fried chicken, to all the side dishes you can ever want, CLOY really made us crave noodles in the middle of the night!

Here’s a recap of all the dishes we saw from CLOY.


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7. Finally, go and look for your next K-Drama series. 

The best way to move on is to find a new series to binge on, and we’ve got all the recommendations here. From what our editors are reporting, they are now on to Itaewon Class, one has checked out What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, while some are waiting for Kingdom Season 2, which will also air on Netflix next month.  

What to watch next? Grace Libero, our resident K-Drama expert and People editor, gives her recommendations.


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