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Fearless Forecasts on the ‘World of Married Couple’ Finale

Here are our predictions for tonight’s explosive final episode. Warning, spoilers abound!

Currently the most talked-about series, The World of Married or The World of Married Couple, is set for an explosive finale tonight. This K-drama interpretation of BBC’s Doctor Foster, and has broken all records to be Korea’s second-highest-rated series. 

The series is about a seemingly perfect couple whose facade crumbles when infidelity is exposed, along with some more dark secrets. This drama is not for the faint-hearted—with palpitation-inducing scenes and tons of tension. 

World of Married Couple

For the finale tonight, we asked some of our editors and friends about their fearless forecasts. 

On how the series will end:

"I think Tae Oh will realize all his faults and be left alone (no Dr. Ji, no Da Kyung), Dr. Ji will finally move out of town with her son, and she will thrive more than ever before!," says Kate Paras, Metro.Style's Beauty and Wellness Editor.

On the other hand, Grace Libero, Metro.Style's People Editor and resident K-drama expert, only wishes for the best for Dr. Ji Sun-woo.

"I think Dr. Ji Sun-woo and her son will leave Gosan and start a new life. For a happy ending for our protagonist who has suffered a lot physically, mentally, and emotionally, we will see some real progress on the relationship of Sun-woo and Dr. Kim Yoon-ki. She's a strong woman on her own, but she will acknowledge that she deserves to be happy, too, with a man who will help her raise her son to become someone who isn't like his dad," she says.

"Yeo Da-kyung and Lee Tae-oh will end up getting divorced. Because of shame from going through the same thing Sun-woo did (getting cheated on by the same guy) in their little gossipy community, Da-kyung will leave Gosan with her daughter as well and go abroad because she can afford it. Tae-oh will be left in Gosan to reflect on what he did, and perhaps ruminate on his one-hit wonder career. Although the two women can't live with a cheater like Tae-oh anymore, they will find it in their heart to forgive him and allow him to talk to or visit his children. Son Je-hyuk and Go Ye-rim will reconcile," she adds. 

PR Specialist Jad Deveza is likewise rooting for our favorite doctor. "I think Da Kyung will be put to her place because Dr. Sun Woo found her strength back now that her son is on her side again. On protective mode, Sun Woo is on her feet, ready for a fight. Super love it when she's feisty! Despite the fact that the whole series seemed like 'Sun Woo against the world,' I have faith that things will start going her way. After all she's been through, she deserves to be happy too. If it doesn't, I'd sure be pissed." She also adds that she's rooting for a Sun Woo and Dr. Kim pairing.

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Hub editor Camille Santiago thinks that Dr. Ji will rise again. "I think that in the end, Dr. Ji will earn the respect of everyone around her, and that she will life a good life with her son outside Gosan," she says. "I would like to see how Dr. Ji will get her revenge, who will take custody of Joon Young, and if Da Kyung would still take Tae Oh in despite the cheating incident with Dr. Ji," she adds. 

Our WOM expert and writer Grace Diez agrees and thinks of a future outside of Gosan. "Dr. Ji Sun Woo leaves Gosan with her son to lead a new life and a fresh start in a new place. She would prioritize her son's well-being," she declares. 

Meanwhile, divorce is in the air for this couple, says PR manager Maureen Manuel. " Yeo Dah Kyung will divorce Lee Tae Oh. With the stress from her marriage with Tae Oh, she will pull the plug on that one and take away Jenny from him. As for Dr. Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh, they will not get back together, even if they did the deed. It won't make things good for the mental health of their son. We know that Dr. Ji will always put her son first before anything else. Getting back with an ex will just make Lee Joon Young more confused," she says. 

There are also plenty of issues left to be resolved, to make for a satisfying final watch. 

Grace Libero: "I hope the mental health issues of Sun-woo and her son will be addressed, and somehow be resolved. I hope there'll be some sort of messaging to communicate that cheating is never okay and can never be justified. I hope Sun-woo also gets the respect she deserves from the people who have constantly judged her, not that she needs any form of validation from them of course."

Kate: "I would like for all of Dr. Ji's suffering to have meaning. She went through so, so much throughout the entire series, I want to see redemption for her character. I want all her enemies to realize their faults and pay for it."

Maureen: "I'm hoping they would flesh out Lee Joon Young's descent to his indifference towards his mom, and then, how he realized that his mom loves him, even if it's overbearing."

Grace: "That divorce isn't only an issue confined to couples. The behavior of separated couples impact children's well-being."

So there you have it! Let us know what YOU think!