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BTS Releases 'Film Out' Official MV Along With BTS, THE BEST Album Announcement

The Japanese album has a total of 23 tracks, including some of their best hits from 2017 onwards!


Army, are you ready for a BTS comeback in June?

Last night, BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL Twitter account posted that the global superstars will be releasing a new Japanese album—BTS, THE BEST—on June 16, 2021. 

The super group's fifth Japanese album will feature 'Film out,' a track that Jungkook worked on together with J-pop rock power trio, Back Number. The song, along with its official music video, was released on April 2, 12 AM KST/April 1, 11 PM Philippine Standard Time.

Watch the official music video for 'Film out' below:

According to Bandwagon Asia, the album will have a total of 23 tracks, including Japanese versions of some of their best hits from recent years, plus their Billboard-topping and Grammy-nominated hit, 'Dynamite,' which rocked the world when it premiered on August 21, 2020.


M1. Film out

M2. DNA - Japanese ver.-

M3. Best Of Me - Japanese ver.-

M4. Lights

M5. Blood, sweat, tears - Japanese ver. -

M6. FAKE LOVE - Japanese ver. -

M7. Black Swan - Japanese ver. -

M8. Airplane pt. 2 - Japanese ver. -

M9. Go Go - Japanese ver. -

M10. IDOL - Japanese ver. -

M11. Dionysus - Japanese ver. -

M12. MIC Drop - Japanese ver. -

- Bonus Track -

M13. Dynamite


M1. Boy With Luv - Japanese ver. -

M2. Stay Gold

M3. Let Go

M4. Spring Day - Japanese ver. -

M5. ON - Japanese ver. -

M6. Don't Leave Me

M7. Not Today - Japanese ver. -

M8. Make It Right - Japanese ver. -

M9. Your eyes tell

M10. Crystal Snow

BTS, THE BEST will be available in several editions, ranging from JPY 2,970 to JPY 5,500. Limited editions will include a DVD featuring 6 music videos, plus unreleased footage. Army can book their reservations via the BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP beginning March 26, 12 AM KST/March 25, 11 PM Philippine Standard Time.

For more information, check out the BTS Japan Official Fanclub here.