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First Look at ‘Dynamite’ by BTS!

BTS dropped the teaser to their ‘Dynamite’ music video and we have barely recovered. Here’s where you can pre-save it ahead of the launch and join the BTS Party!

Global pop sensation BTS dropped the music video teaser for their English single, ‘Dynamite,’ and from the look and sound of it—it’s a bop!

Judging from our first listen to the teaser, BTS definitely has taken lots of inspiration from the funky disco era, with plenty of bass and horns to get you dancing and grooving to the beat. In fact, BTS pays homage to the late Michael Jackson through various iconic MJ poses, including his distinctive kick!

The King of Pop would be so proud! | @btsofficial

Checking out the visuals for ‘Dynamite,’ including their previously released individual and group photo teasers, BTS gives off a completely cool retro vibe that we just can’t get enough of!

Pre-save ‘Dynamite, join the ‘BTS Party’ playlist on Spotify, and check out the merch here:

‘Dynamite’ drops at 12 nn on Friday, August 21!