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Exclusive: For Moira dela Torre, Love is Choosing Freedom

“I want to be able to change the atmosphere because I choose to embody love,” she says

For Valentine’s Day and beyond, Moira dela Torre has chosen to embody love. 

The singer-songwriter, in collaboration with Jonathan Manalo, has recorded a song of love—of how important it is to always choose love, day after day, especially during uncertain times like the one we’re living in now. The song, entitled "Pag-ibig ang Piliin," talks about the search for love, and strong belief in its power to conquer all. 

“I always identify myself as a storyteller and I love it when songs perfectly convey the message that I’ve always wanted to say. It was really nice [recording the song]. It was very fun. And it’s always such an honor to work with Sir Jonathan,” Moira tells Metro.Style over Zoom. 

Since—and even long before—her debut album in 2018, Moira has been using her voice, both literally and figuratively, to champion values that mean a lot to her, and love, in all its forms, sits at the very top of the list. 

“This song really embodies that message, that at the end of the day, the greatest connection we have is love,” she says. “The best decision we will ever make is choosing love. That’s why this song—this project—is so different and so special to me, because that’s a message that we all need to hear.”

But what is love—and what does it feel like to Moira? For her, love is choosing freedom. “For me, I feel like there’s so much freedom when you choose love, because choosing the opposite will always lock you in. It never leads to good things, when you choose over love, or hate over love. But love always leads you to the right direction. And for me, that’s what love is: It’s sometimes hard, but it’s always worth it.” 

Love, most of all, is not just for other people. “As much as it is for [others], it’s also for yourself,” Moira says. “We also change the atmosphere around us and make the people around us so much better.” 

She talks about her uncle, who walks into rooms and makes them light up. “That’s because of love,” Moira tells us. “And that’s how I want to be seen. I’m still working on it. But my goal in life is to walk into a room, and even if I don’t get acknowledged for it, I want to be able to change the atmosphere because I choose to embody love.”

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