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IU’s Comeback Album ‘LILAC’ Tops International Music Charts

Her much-awaited comeback is here and it’s a bonafide success!

How do you plan to spend your weekend? For us here at Metro.Style, we’re putting LILAC on full blast and on repeat! IU’s fifth studio album—and her first in four years—came out yesterday, March 25, and has since been soaring on the charts!

In a report by Soompi, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment was said to reveal LILAC’s stats: No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums charts in at least 11 different regions, including the Philippines.

LILAC's pre-release track, “Celebrity,” came out last January, and has been one of the songs we can’t get enough of. Its lyrics were written by IU herself (as were all of the other songs in the album) and talks about the struggle of finding oneself amidst the noise of being in the limelight, while still being able to latch onto someone special through it all.

LILAC has 10 songs, including the pre-release, title track, and another single released today, called “Coin.” In an interview with W Korea, IU talked about the album’s title: “In the language of flowers, ‘lilac’ means ‘memories of youth.’ I wanted to include a farewell with the message ‘I’m now going onward to my next chapter’ while also greeting my upcoming 30s at the same time.”

Listen to LILAC below!

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Have you listened to LILAC? Which is your favorite song? 

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