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Kiana V’s Newest EP Is An Exploration of Self-Love

Co-produced by Kiana with Jesse Barrera, this EP is unlike anything we’ve seen Kiana do before

“I just need some time / I need to realign,” Kiana V croons in “How Do I,” the second track of her newest release, Dazed EP, out today. “If I can’t love myself, how do I love you?” The five-track EP is an exploration of the love we give to others and to ourselves, with songs written by Kiana and co-produced by her and Jesse Barrera

Since her first release in 2016 with the single “Circles” and her first album in 2019 called See Me, Kiana has grown an intimate but dedicated following—on Spotify, she has over 100,000 monthly listeners, and has worked with artists like James Reid and Curtismith

Kiana wrote the EP’s songs during “a time of healing,” she explains—during a time when she felt like she “needed to re-introduce herself to herself.” The release is unlike anything we’ve seen Kiana do before, and is something very new to Kiana as well. “The whole EP is outside of my comfort zone,” she says. “It’s not the type of music I usually release.”

These songs have existed since 2019, forgotten in Kiana’s notebooks until she experienced a bout of writer’s block last year at the height of the pandemic. From there, she decided to give the songs a chance, see where they take her. 

And where they took her is this: in collaboration with some of the most talented people in the business, from her co-producer Jesse Barrera to the director and choreographer of the movement visual that accompanies “Dazed” the single, Shayna Cua—creatives who share Kiana’s vision, allowing the EP to shine and soar the way it does. 

Dazed EP is now available for streaming

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Photos courtesy of Manila Genesis