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These Are the Local Musicians On Our Playlist Right Now—Go Check Them Out

Here are some of our favorite homegrown artists from Ysanygo to CRWN, Alex Bruce, CARELESS, and more

In the past few years, new faces in the local music industry have become constants in the gig scene—like catapulting the likes of IV OF SPADES and Ben&Ben to mainstream popularity. These new breed of artists contributed to the ever-growing pool of talents waiting for their time in the spotlight. With the internet practically giving everyone free access to any form of media, discovering a fresh track from an independent act is now a matter of patience, as you go through playlist to playlist.

We expect these homegrown musicians to continue to thrive—not just through an online presence, but through live performances in both small and big venues. Such events, like last year’s SONIK Philippines, the country’s first official international Music Conference and Festival, gave local artists a chance to introduce their music to a wider audience. 

From there, we listed down some gems we discovered through SONIK Philippines—and made a playlist out of our favorite tracks. Go check them out—from sibling duo Ysanygo to CRWN, young rapper Alex Bruce to artist collective Bawal Clan, CARELESS to Jason Dhakal, and a few more others—if you haven’t already!