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This LA-Based Musician Wrote a Song Inspired By ‘Crash Landing on You’

The song talks about hoping for one’s own Captain Ri — or the person one’s always dreamed of

As a consumer and lover of media, I’m no stranger to feeling so moved and inspired by a piece of pop culture that I just have to create something around it, whether that’s an essay, a work of fiction, a fan video, or a page in my journal. That’s one of my favorite parts of consuming media: its transformative aspect, the ability to do your own take on something you love and turn that work of art into something more personal to you. 

For this Los Angeles-based musician, it’s no different.

Photo courtesy of Universal Records

The up-and-coming artist Bey released her debut single called “Crash Landing,” a three-minute dream pop track inspired by one of 2020’s most successful K-dramas, Crash Landing on You.

The song’s meaning is layered—it talks about fantasy, but it also speaks of the reality when it comes to relationships: “the excitement and uncertainty that comes with weathering life together.” 

Bey’s first-ever single has two versions: one in English, and another in Korean, both of which are available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer. 

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Lead photos from IMdB (Crash Landing on You) and Universal Records (Bey)