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The Old Taylor Is Back With Her Newest Song, 'The Archer'

Taylor Swift’s new song is a departure from her last two singles, making us excited for ‘Lover’

The old Taylor is back.


Of course, she never truly left to begin with, but with a new song dropping Tuesday evening—or Wednesday morning here in the Philippines—she has reminded people why exactly she has ten Grammys to her name. The pop star is, without a doubt, a very divisive figure, but if there’s anything the general population can agree upon, it’s that she’s blessed with songwriting prowess. While this prowess was put into question for a hot second with her two most recent singles, “ME!” and “You Need To Calm Down,” it seems that Swift is back on her groove with this surprise drop from her upcoming album, Lover


It’s the album’s Track 5—a track on Swift’s records that has historically held the most vulnerable and emotional song, with “White Horse,” “Dear John,” “All Too Well,” and “Delicate” previously taking the coveted spot. As her fans have come to expect of the track, it is vulnerable, and veers away from the fun, cupcakey, and saccharine-sweet releases that have shaped the Lover era so far. It’s real, raw, and honest. There is desperation in her voice, in the production, and in every single line she sings. This song, according to Swift, is another side of her upcoming album, coming out a month from now, on August 23. 

It’s perhaps one of the most mature songs Swift’s written in a while—there is nothing to date it (unlike the words “chill” and “receipts” in a handful of reputation songs, and “tweet” in her most recent single), and it already sounds as timeless as some of her previous classics: “Style,” “Out of the Woods,” “Love Story.” Swift has teased that she will be sharing excerpts of her diaries, as part of the deluxe editions of the album, and this song is only one example of her truly opening up and sharing her realest self to her fans. If that’s the case, we can’t wait to hear more. 



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