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Minisode 3: Tomorrow is a Nostalgic, Optimistic Nod to TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s One Dream

The 4th Generation idol group forges towards the future while looking back on their past five years together through this highly anticipated comeback

To have debuted as BTS’ little brothers under Big Hit Entertainment—now Big Hit Music under Hybe Corporation—has always been both boon and bane for the quintet that comprises idol group TOMORROW x TOGETHER or TXT. Revealed to the entertainment industry six years after the legend that is Bangtan Sonyeondan made its debut, Choi Soobin, Choi Yeonjun, Choi Beomgyu, Kang Taehyun, and Hueningkai found themselves looking out into the horizon of a wildly vast unknown. Following the release of their first extended play (EP), The Dream Chapter: Star, the lead single “Crown” debuted at number one on the Billboard World Digital Songs charts. Its music video also took YouTube by storm, garnering 14.5 million views, breaking the record for the most viewed K-pop boy group debut MV within 24 hours.

To say that TXT has had it easy since the beginning is to dismiss their hard work and efforts. Throwaway accounts of them riding the coattails of their seniors’ efforts are untrue. Yeonjun, the first TXT member to join Big Hit, came in as a trainee in 2014; Beomgyu, the last to sign on, joined in November of 2016—way before BTS became the most famous all-male Korean idol group in the world. BTS lead rapper Min Yoongi/SUGA himself confirms this on an episode of his talk show Suchwita, sharing how he had personally witnessed his dongsaeng’s struggles amidst the uncertainty Big Hit faced at the time. Five years, five studio albums, seven EPS, and infinite Moments of Alwaysness later, the quintest is back in action just months after the release of The Name Chapter: Freefall, earnestly building a better tomorrow under one dream. 

TOMORROW X TOGETHER at the Dior Show Winter 2024 | @txt_bighit

TXT is known for dividing the chapters of its story with extended plays called minisodes. They’ve released three to date: Blue Hour in 2020, Thursday’s Child in 2022, and now, for this comeback, Tomorrow, released on 1 April 2024. And it is a beautiful record: nostalgic and future progressive in terms of TXT’s own history as well as K-pop as a whole. TXT is famous for the overarching narrative that ties their work together, and we see more of this beloved lore slowly come to fruition in Minisode 3. Described on Big Hit’s website as the story of a boy who remembers a promise from his past and goes off in search of “you.” The “boy” is embodied by the members of TXT; and the “you” in this narrative is, of course, a representation of MOA—short of Moments of Alwaysness—TXT’s loyal fanbase. It’s a recollection of the boy’s precious memories of his youth, and his desire to move forward to tomorrow in search of “you.” Romantic, isn’t it? But when has TXT ever not been romantic? 

The EP is composed of seven tracks, first of which is the upbeat, optimistic “I’ll See You There Tomorrow.” It’s a dance track, although more subdued than explosive, and easy on the ears. The lyrics “there’ll be no more sorrow, I’ll see you there tomorrow” paint the picture of a heartfelt reunion on the horizon. The second track is simply the word ‘tomorrow’ spelled out in Morse code, which is a striking callback to the beginning of “Crown,” TXT’s first ever single. It’s also a segue into “Deja Vu,” the album’s title track, and a worthy bit of ear worm at that. It’s romantic and languid, has been met with much praise from casual listeners and longtime K-pop aficionados. Suddenly, ‘anemoia’—a term used to describe longing for a time you’ve never known—is everyone’s favorite word. “[The lyrics] say that the expectation of meeting ‘you’, which feels like a far-off future, is really big,” band member Taehyun, who participates in a hefty amount of the writing, shared in an interview with NME. “But we’re so anticipating and excited for that moment of our reunion.” MOA Tip: Listen to the Anemoia Remix for a gorgeous, slightly more rough-around-the-edges take on the track. “Miracle”, also easy on the ears, is all about gratitude, with the members reminding us not to take anything we have for granted.


It’s also worth noting that the quintet breaks off into subunits for the very first time. The three youngest members (Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai) take us through the hills and valleys of the all-too-relatable “Quarter Life,” while leader Soobin and the eldest, Yeonjun, hold sway over the sensual, rather revelatory “The Killa (I Belong To You).” All in all, it’s a solid, cohesive effort from the boys, who have truly cemented their status as one of the strongest 4th generation groups due to their superior vocal and dance ability, and likable personalities. While it can certainly hold its own, Minisode 3: Tomorrow feels like a teaser to something grander, and we’re more than happy to keep our eyes peeled for what’s next from TOMORROW X TOGETHER. 

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