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Here Are 10 Amazing Things To Do in SM

Now that you’re raring to go out of the house, here’s a reminder of the awesome things you can experience at SM Malls

The lockdown has left us with a lot of complaints—no opportunities to get professional haircuts, dine out with friends, shop for ‘outside’ clothes and even get our nails done. Most of these can’t be done virtually—lest disastrous results—but thankfully, all of them can be done in the convenience of your favorite SM mall. 

Whether you’ve already been vaccinated, or you’re a stickler for safety protocols like social distancing, wearing a face mask, and face shield; then you’ll probably be comfortable to roam around, especially in an SM mall where most personnel are full-vaccinated and there are many layers of safety protocols instead. 

Here are 10 things you can do while #SafeMallingAtSM:

AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | Podium Paw Park
AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | Podium Paw Park

Vaxx, Shop, and Dine

Here is the best reason why you should go to SM these days: To get vaccinated! There are 54 SM Malls vaccination sites nationwide where you can get a jab. After getting your shot, simply show your COVID-19 vaccination card at over 1,000 tenant-partners to enjoy SM’s exclusive rewards. Vaxx, Shop & Dine runs until September 30, 2021, so register with your LGU for a vaccine slot, get vaccinated and then rewarded with protection against COVID plus a free drink or discounts and deals. 

10 AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | Vaxx Shop & Dine Promo Mechanics
10 AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | Vaxx Shop & Dine Promo Mechanics
10 AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | SM City Clark with 100% Staff Vaccination
10 AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | SM City Clark with 100% Staff Vaccination

Get Pampered—Finally!

A head of faded hair color and a bad DIY haircut is a scary combination. It’s time to get a pro-colorist and hair artist to work magic on your tresses at your favorite mall salon. While you’re at it, get a relaxing leg massage, and a much-missed foot spa to make you look and feel like an entirely new person.

Swing By To Get A National ID

After that much-needed pampering session, why not capture the moment when you’re freshly groomed by registering for your National ID? Makes so much sense as you know you will look good in the photo. Register for your National ID at 50 SM Supermalls nationwide but remember to bring your Birth Certificate and any of the following government issued IDs approved by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Registration for national ID is free of charge. 

Pay Your Bills

Do you wait with bated breath for confirmation that your bills payment has been credited after days of paying for it online? Well, while you’re at SM, why not pay your bills at BDO or at the SM bills payment center? This time, a real person will receive your payment and confirm right there and then that payment has been received. SM Bills payment centers accept cash and check payments and operates even on weekends and holidays from 10AM to 8PM to make your life easy.

Set Your Shopaholic Spirit Free

Online shopping may have become your thing since the lockdown but remember the thrill of going to the fitting room to try out a new dress to make sure it fits perfectly? Nothing beats that fabulous feeling of walking away from the mall with your fashion haul that you know will fit, has the right color and the correct 

10 AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | SM Baguio Skypod
10 AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | SM Baguio Skypod

Dine In, Al-Fresco Style

Out is in—that is, as far as dining out is concerned. To prioritize the safety of its customers, SM Malls transformed its open spaces into al fresco dining areas. Catch the beautiful sunset with your friends and colleagues while having dinner! Ready your cameras for some Instagram-worthy views too!

Take Home Treats for the Kids

Like you and me, the little ones need to be rewarded for enduring the lockdown. It’s time to reward them for good behavior, for attending online classes, and obediently following protocols. Toy Kingdom has got the right items to bring them happiness. Enjoy their wide assortment of toys for babies, kids, tweens and big kids at heart too!

10 AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | SM Fairview Paw Park
10 AweSM Things To Do In A Mall | SM Fairview Paw Park

Get Some Outdoor Time For Your Fur Babies 

Even our furry best friends need to get out of the house too! Take your fur babies to the SM Aura Premier Paw Park where your dog can enjoy a fun obstacle course. Get them groomed and buy them treats at the mall’s grooming salons like Pet Express. Great bonding for fur-rents and furbabies! 

Shop For Home Stuff

Are you in a love-hate relationship with your old living room couch? Give your living room, kitchen, bedroom or entire house a makeover! Yes, you can order stuff online but nothing beats trying out a new lounger or mattress in person. 

Visit Your New Plantita Paradise

If you’re a never-say-die plantita who’s isn’t discouraged by the plants that have died in your care, then SM plant hubs are your new paradise! Green hubs are in all SM Malls nationwide, where a wonderful selection of plants and greenery are for sale, along with gardening equipment, essentials, and accessories. Whether you’ve been a plant parent for a long time or just starting on your plantita experience, you’ll find everything from airplants to cacti, ferns and herbs at the mall and maybe an opportunity to share notes, bond, and meet new plant parents too!

So from paying your bills to getting pampered, to shopping to your heart’s content, there are so many different ways to experience the mall. For more information, visit or follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.