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10 Rainy Day Movie Moments To Remember

As much as we can choose to chant “Rain, rain, go away…” more rain is still coming.  It’s almost the ‘Ber months but it’s quite obvious that we’re still getting drenched weekly.  If more is going to pour, we might as well get nostalgic and try to enjoy the past rainy day feels.  A lot of movies we’ve seen over the years have made use of motifs from rain to lace in order to emotionally amplify some of the most memorable onscreen moments ever. 


1. The Notebook (2004)

The blockbuster film based on the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks  will always be a favorite among cinematic tearjerkers.The Notebook is usually top of mind for the most passionate, direct, and unabashedly sappy reconciliation scene of all time (in the worst weather imaginable). For the romantics among us, watching Ryan Gosling blurt out, “I wrote you 365 letters—I wrote you every day for a year…” in a totally wet, translucent shirt just after rowing Rachel McAdams’ Allie to the dock just might make your day.



2. The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

The ultra wet fight scene in The Matrix Revolutions between Keanu Reeves’ Neo and Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith with hundreds of onlooking Smith clones was a huge digital effects undertaking. During its time, the Wachowski brothers certainly outdid themselves with this part of the movie.The fight scene itself was a massive effects editor’s nightmare, and yet on top of that they also had to add a combination of real rain, and digitally added rain, to the scene—CGI water is among the most difficult subjects to render and control when it comes to visual effects.



We’re trying to constantly remind ourselves their clothes are programmed and therefore do not weigh more as they battle through the squall.You’ll probably find yourself either breathless, excited, or impatient due to the number of slow-motion scenes before they get to the end.



3. The Garden of Words (2013)

Souls have no specific age and as many of you know, we don’t always choose who we fall in love with.The 2013 anime drama The Garden of Words—directed and edited by Makoto Shinkai, tells the story of a 15 year-old who aspires to be a shoemaker, Takao Akizuki, and Yukari Yukino who is a 27 year-old teacher who at first conceals her true identity from him.Yukari admits to Takao that deep inside, she doesn’t feel any older than she was twelve years before.The two slowly grow fond of one another and develop a unique bond through visits in a park during a rainy season.



4. Les Misérables (2012)

One of the world’s greatest musicals was remade once before for film, but not as a star-studded musical.British film director Tom Hooper took his live action version of Cameron Mackintosh’s Les Miserables onstage production further by recording each actor’s performance and singing—on location or set—with live sound.Hugh Jackman—remembered as everyone’s favorite gruff, slicing mutant, Wolverine, in X-Men—brings his theater prowess onscreen as Valjean; the escaped convict with superhuman strength whose new life after making a promise to a dying friend takes place right at the beginning of the French Revolution.The opening scene finds Valjean still in chains with fellow prisoners beneath the rain by the sea, doing hard labor for their sins.



5. Garden State (2004)

If you were a fan of the TV show, Scrubs, then Zach Braff probably registers only as the lead character on duty. For Garden State with Natalie Portman, Zach donned his director’s cap and put on his lead actor suit at the same time.Not many actor-directors manage to build a movie that blends all the familiar flavors of tragedy, comedy, and romance together.Garden State has it all and still delivers a truly distinct and poignant story to viewers.It all begins with the life of Andrew Largeman who was away from home for almost a decade and suddenly needs to return for his mother’s funeral.He reconnects with old friends and meets Sam, a friendly and precocious young girl from the same town with closer bonds to her own family.A memorable scene with Andrew, Sam, and his best friend finds them near an abyss where venting in the rain possibly takes all the pain of the past away.



6. Pirates of the Caribbean—At World’s End (2007)

In the third film of Pirates’ acclaimed movie series, begins with a rescue mission led by Will, Elizabeth, and Barbossa for Jack Sparrow to release him from the Land of the Dead.They must now face their enemies Davy Jones and Lord Cutler Beckett, who have control of Jones’ heart.In order to face them head on they aim to unleash Davy Jones’ weak spot—his banished lover, Calypso, a sea goddess—from the mystical trap she was put in so she can fight alongside them.It wasn’t this pair of lovers however who had a romantic rain scene in the film. Vows were exchanged between Will Turner and Elizabeth, beneath the pouring rain, and in the middle of a great battle to boot.What might possibly be one of the most absurd fictional unions in movie history was still in its own way quite touching and amusing.



7. Step Up 2 (2008)

There are several Step Up dance movies that have been produced, but it’s fun to be able to look back on the flicks that showcased Channing Tatum’s dance skills onscreen, way before he went downright sexy for Magic Mike.  In Step Up 2’s final dance scene, however, we have to let the girls take credit for some of the sharpest moves done while slippery and wet.  Briana Evigan stars in this film leading the girls in one of the best rainy dance showdowns ever to grace cinemas worldwide.


8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Through the irresistible face of Audrey Hepburn, the character of Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s became unforgettable.  Consciously, Holly does not allow herself to be enslaved by attachment, but her longing for companionship affects how she operates freely in life.  More than any other alliance she forms in the film, Holly grows deeply fond of an orange tabby she names “Cat” (no name, no attachment).  Towards the end of the film she lets Cat go from a cab in the rain, but later on, after a stern, honest word from Paul realizes she was wrong to let go of whatever she truly loves just because she is afraid.



9. The Lord of the Rings—The Two Towers (2002)

The scene of the Battle for Helm’s Deep in The Two Towers—the second film in The Lord of the Rings—struck a strong chord with audiences worldwide.  Everyone at some point in their lives knows what it feels like when the odds aren’t in their favor.  This is how the fine warrior company of Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and King Theoden felt while defending themselves from the ruthless Uruk-hai armies of the Istari traitor, Saruman.  Helm’s Deep, as a fortress built into a mountain, is initially almost impenetrable—that is until the numbers of the opposing army is so great that they are unable to keep them from scaling the walls, then of course, you add rain to make the terror complete.



10. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Steven Spielberg’s epic film, Saving Private Ryan, tells of 8 selected men during World War II on a mission to save a single soldier, Pvt. James Ryan (Matt Damon), because his three brothers have been declared “killed in action” and he is the only remaining son to his mother.  In a heart-wrenching scene where Carpazo (Vin Diesel) is shot by a sniper in the rain, the company’s devoted and prayerful sniper, Pvt. Jackson (Barry Pepper) moves into position to quell the fire.