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13 Super Cute Planners For An Organized 2019—Find What Matches Your Personality

Are you cute and colorful, or minimalist and subtle? Every kind of woman needs a reliable organizer for her to keep track of appointments at work and play, so pick the organizer that matches your personality best here! 


What: Sunnies Studios

Best for: The kawaii girl with a love for Japanese art. Sunnies Studios' "Sunnies Agenda" 2019 planners (which come in two designs) were both inspired by artistic styles from the Land of the Rising Sun, and feature their signature palettes of stylishly cloudy hues. These finds are a blast from the past for the lass who grew up watching afternoon anime!


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What: Winnie Wong a.k.a. @penelopepopart

Best for: For the lady in love with bright designs that make it feel like it's summer all year round, grab one of three of Winnie Wong's "Everyday" 2019 planners (or all three, just because each one is beautiful in its own right!). The planners are made extra attractive by the fact that a couple of them were designed by artists, and according to their Instagram account, each of them is described to be the following: 

The Basic Edition
The basic edition comes in Carbon and Bare. A true essential: simple, classic, and straightforward with the monthly dividers coming in solid colors.

The Prima Edition 
Rouge and Periwinkle. In collaboration with illustrator Jac, the Prima planners include monthly dividers with unique illustrations of dancers.

The Mod Edition
Comes in Blush and Camel. In collaboration with illustrator Soleil Ignacio, the Mod planners include monthly dividers with chic and sophisticated illustrations.



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What: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Best for: Not just the caffeine-loving girls out there, but those who enjoy daily bread reading to inspire them to be their best every day. CBTL's 2019 planner, a.k.a. The Giving Journal, showcases original designs created by 12 local artists (who are CBTL regulars themselves), and has the theme of generosity infused in all its pages. 




What: Starbucks

Best for: The girl with strong sentimental feelings, as Starbucks is arguably the body that started the love for planner collecting in the metro. For this year, the coffee giant has a special surprise for those who loyally complete the sticker race to earn their planner rights: they're not just releasing two kinds of planners, but two travel-centric organizers, too!

Check out all the details here



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What: The Happiness Planner

Best for: Those looking to find and keep happiness in 2019, which is basically everyone. This organizer's name summarizes all that you need to know about it: it's chock-full of self-improvement notes that inspire, motivate, and encourage—a lovely companion for extra tough days and reflective weekends. As an extra treat, they have several planners with different color combos to choose from. 


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What: The Happy Planner

Best for: Fans of pops of color and scrapbook-like designs. Similar to the Happiness Planner, the Happy Planner isn't just a notebook waiting to be filled with to-do lists and schedules. Every page comes with a reminder to keep going at work, in relationships, with your dreams, and all other areas of life. Though much more playful in terms of design, don't mistake it as an organizing tool fit only for the young; it's perfect for those who love sunny graphics. 



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What: Typo

Best for: The artistic soul whose organizer doubles as a doodle repository, poem recorder, and daydream keeper. Typo's product lineup has always looked like it came straight out of a carefully curated moodboard; their planners aren't any different. The 2019 one, though, is particularly dreamy; its pink and purple color theme and The Little Prince-like drawing style are just lovely!



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What: Woman Create

Best for: The staunch feminism supporter. With a tagline that reads "Feminism for the Filipino," Woman Create's 2019 organizer is all about living for a cause greater than one's self. Promoting gender equality and a better understanding of the often misunderstood concept of feminism, their planner makes a great companion for those who strongly identify with the advocacy.


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What: Belle de Jour

Best for: The lady who loves being up to date with the metro's most happening spots and events. Probably the only planner that reminds us to visit our favorite stores and restaurants, the Belle du Jour is an absolute dream for the woman who's always out and about. It definitely exists to tell us that fun should co-exist alongside work and serious business. 



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What: Filed

Best for: The woman who loves customized, personalized items. Coming in a variety of colors, the Filed organizers are classy and professional-looking. They'll definitely be a point of conversation in your next business meeting, and all the more if you take the time to customize them with your initials. Don't miss the chance, as this is the last time Filed will be offering their monogramming services. 



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What: The Frazzled Cook

Best for: The kitchen wizards, of course! Unlike its name that suggests scatter-brainedness, The Frazzled Cook's planner is guaranteed to help you figure out what to cook on which day, among your many other responsibilities for the week, month, and year. Quirky and relatable, this organizer tool will be loved by anyone who spends much of their time whipping up feasts. 



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What: The Rainbow Collective

Best for: Members of and overall supporters of the LGBTQIA+ community. Here's a planner for the books; it's the first organizer created to specifically bring to light LGTBQIA+ issues and make them known to a wider audience, regardless of sexual identities or orientations. Departing from heated discussions about the topic, this planner makes the LGTBQIA+ plight relatable and much more approachable. 


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What: The Daykeeper

Best for: The lady who enjoys a specific look and feel to her planner. The images evoked by the words "minimalist, Australiana, cultivate, fresh, abstract, ochre, earthy, headspace, dusk" were the main inspirations behind this year's Daykeeper organizer. Expect to be greeted by dusty-colored pages featuring pretty florals that looked like they were hand-drawn just for you, as well as simple words and phrases to remind you of the joys of life with each turn of a page. 



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