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15 Of The Most Beautiful Houses In Movies

Movies are good for a number of things—to pass time, an excuse to ask someone out for a date, to keep up with conversations, or maybe even to gather our life pegs.

Sometimes we like movies where we can relate to the characters other times the characters act as inspiration for the lives we aspire to live. And that includes the job they have, the car they drive, and of course, the house they live in.

There’s nothing like the movies to showcase the allure of a home, its architecture and interiors, and all the many details that are touchstones to a character’s persona. Unlike merely looking at the pages of home magazines, movies make images truly larger than life—the better to inspire envy, or to put it in a positive note, daydreaming.  Here, we list the most beautiful homes in film that spark thoughts of moving or, at the least, redecorating.


1. Something’s Gotta Give

Columbia Pictures


When Jack Nicholson and Amanda Peet arrive at the driveway of this East Hampton’s estate, we sit up in anticipation. We want to see more. Not ol’ Jack fooling around with Amanda but what the rest house looks like inside.


And it doesn’t disappoint. The movie gives us enough glimpses of the beautiful rooms to make us want to redecorate our humble abodes to reflect the breezy laid-back feel of Diane Keaton’s vacation house.


2. The Holiday

Columbia Pictures


Sure, the cozy cottage of Kate Winslet in this romantic comedy on house-swapping had its charm, but ultimately she got the better end of the deal when she stepped inside the L.A. mansion of Cameron Diaz. Who can forget the TV room? Or the bedroom with remote-controlled blackout blinds?

It was everyone’s ideal of what a big-time movie producer’s abode might look like.


3. Crazy Stupid Love

Warner Bros.


Aside from having a shirtless Ryan Gosling in the scene, we see enough elements of his character’s bachelor pad in the movie to want to see the whole property.

Thankfully, someone did the research and stalked the Skyline Residence in L.A. for us. This is what the actual property looks like:



It has a very nice movie deck outside where you can lounge with your friends (better if there was a sala set at least!) on a nice summer day just watching old movies, or Crazy Stupid Love, perhaps.



In 2009, this property was sold at almost $6 million. It remains off the market at this time.


4. It’s Complicated

Universal Pictures


Universal Pictures


There’s something about movies with the likes of Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Diane Lane that inspire the best houses. I don’t know if it’s because of their classic elegance that needs to be matched, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

It’s Complicated is one of the movies of Streep that feature her in an enviable house. The bungalow type ranch residence featured in this senior romantic comedy suits her character as a divorcee living her life in a peaceful manner, doing the things she loves most.

Other movies of Streep where she resides in a nice house: Mamma Mia, The Devil Wears Prada, and Julie and Julia.

5. The Great Gatsby

Warner Bros.

If Leonardo di Caprio bought this mansion to be near a girl, I bet that girl wouldn’t do what Daisy did. This massive mansion looks amazing during the day, but at night, it escalates into fairytale-status. If only its story ended in happily ever after.

This actual mansion served as one of the inspirations behind Baz Luhrman’s Great Gatsby set design. It was on the market last year for $85 million.


6. Father of the Bride

Touchstone Pictures


This movie was made even more of a classic because of the Banks residence in San Marino. The house actually sits a little more north of San Marino in Pasadena.

The most memorable parts of the house were of course the driveway, where Steve Martin’s character played basketball with his daughter, and the banister where he reminisces a lot about her daughter growing up.


7. The Notebook

New Line Cinema

Another Ryan Gosling starrer. This plantation house that his character, Noah, supposedly built looked amazing by the time Noah and Ally’s love affair is rekindled. Not only did the house look incredible, but the fact that it was their dreamhouse from the time they first got together made it even dreamier.


8. The Lake House

Warner Bros.


This drama starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves had viewers confused for a while because of the movie’s broken timeline, but one thing was certain, no matter who was living in the house where it was set, the structure is one timeless masterpiece.


9. The Proposal


Touchstone Pictures


I still remember the look of disbelief as Sandra Bullock realizes that Ryan Reynolds’ character was quite the big deal in his hometown of Alaska. The fact that they needed to get on a boat to reach the house is telling of what kind of mansion you’ll find when you dock.

Just look at the size of that!


10. Under the Tuscan Sun

Touchstone Pictures


Touchstone Pictures


This was the house that Diane Lane first sees when she arrives. In the movie, it was a fixer-upper, but in reality, the modern renovation exceeds the fixes they did for the film. You can actually rent this villa when you go to Tuscany. See what it looks like in recent years:




11. A Good Year


Who wouldn’t want to inherit a chateau in France, complete with a vineyard, a tennis court, and a swimming pool? I couldn’t believe Max (Russel Crowe) even thought about selling this beauty.


Twentieth Century Fox


12. The Time Traveler’s Wife


Clearly, there are serious advantages to time traveling. For example, winning the lottery and being able to afford this house. I just love the beautiful brick work that went into this as well as the black accents used in the windows, shutters and doorways.


13. Mean Girls


Who could forget the massive driveway that Regina pulls into when we first see her house in the movie? Those columns and the fountain may look like too much, but for the Queen Bee of “The Plastics”, this fits just right.


14. Just Like Heaven


San Francisco is always a crowd favorite. There’s something about its Victorian houses that always feel homey and welcoming. The round bay window in Reese Witherspoon’s living room was a nice nook, as well as her kitchen. But the best feature of the house was a rooftop garden that Mark Ruffalo built (he played a landscape architect) in the film.

Dreamworks Pictures


15. Ghost Writer

Summit Entertainment


This house was supposedly set in Martha’s Vineyard but as the notorious director, Roman Polanski, wasn’t allowed to return to America, the set was assembled and shot in Babelsberg.


Summit Entertainment


The interiors reflected the monotony of the outdoors. With all the neutral colors, wood, and glass, this house possessed the feel of the modern art gallery.



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