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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Be Afraid To Raise Your Hand On Social Issues That Matter

Everyone’s going crazy about it—the latest social issue that got the whole town talking. Another breaking news about gender equality? Women’s experiences with micro-aggression? Or perhaps, heartbreaking news about sexual harassment or violence against women—be it in school, workplace, or worse, in their own home?

You have something to say. Scratch that, maybe you have your own experience to share. But you’d rather stay silent. Not because you don’t care, but because you care too much. Way too much that it hurts to feel rejected or ignored once you say your piece. But that’s not the way it should be.

Say it, post it online, and raise your hand over and over again if you must. Never be afraid to speak your mind when it comes to pressing social issues. And we’re here to convince you why.



Because you get to share your opinion. Unless you want to forever hold your peace—which is a lot scarier than being criticized for your beliefs. Haters are gonna hate anyway! And if that’s the only reason why you’re holding back your truth? Then, you need to change your mindset. Stat. 

Your ideas don’t always have to be ‘socially acceptable’ to be considered important—you don’t even need celebrity status or a thousand followers on social media to say what you feel. Your opinion matters, period. Forget the bashers, ladies. 

Because you have the power to change the world with words. When was the last time you stood up for something you seriously believed in? The last time you called someone out for treating you badly? See, you don’t have to tolerate everything—especially if it’s starting to affect you. 

Imagine if Rosa Parks, the iconic African American woman who stood up for racial equality, gave up her bus seat to a white person because that’s what the society expected her to do. Or if sexual abuse victims didn’t push for the #MeToo movement. Maybe, they would still be suffering in silence—and they don’t deserve that. No one deserves that! Use your words to tell the world what’s wrong—that’s how you start to make things right. 

Because you get to be part of the conversation. And hopefully, be part of the solution, too. Talk about the problem, discuss the possible ways to deal with it, invite more people to join the conversation. And if someone tells you ‘you’re just jumping on the hype’? Tell them that’s way better than constantly sitting on the fence! 

Even beauty brand Kojie.san stepped up through a series of inspirational videos that highlight different social issues concerning women--and at the same time, ask the ladies to be bold and share their own views. 

The lack of self-confidence limits women in taking part on important conversations--and Kojie.san Sleeveless Ready Deodorant wants to remedy that. It gives you the courage to be comfortable in your own skin, thus, making it easier to raise your hand--and stand for whatever you believe in.

So, go ahead and be fearless ladies. Raise your hand to show solidarity. Raise your hand because you care. Raise your hand because we need more volunteers to make this society a better place.


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