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3 Smartphone Technologies Celebrities Are Obsessed With Right Now

In the age where taking your realest, most authentic self has become a significant part of our daily lives, we strive to capture the essence of our very selves in every single photo we post on our social media accounts. Instagram, in particular, has been an outlet to show the world what and who we are – candid shots, groufies with the people we love, a snap of your delicious meal in your favorite restaurant, name it. With the ever-evolving technologies of the modern times, there’s never an excuse not to take pictures of unforgettable moments, especially those that are close to our hearts.


During the launch of the new OPPO F7 smartphone, Julia Barretto says, “Whatever you see on social media are the things I chose to show you – that’s the real me.” Living under the spotlight entails celebrities to capture the best moments on- and off-screen, that’s why getting the best model out there that fits our lifestyle is a definite must. Fellow Kapamilya actors Janella Salvador and Joshua Garcia also agree –and these three just can’t get enough of how this newly-released phone model has helped them step up their selfie game, or photography skills in general. For these stars that live their lives to the fullest, these “Smart-er” technology functions make it easy for them to do just that!


Built in stickers for more fun selfies! Janella enjoys selfie after selfie with different stickers you can choose to use, minus the hassle of downloading a separate app! There are added filters, too, to match your mood for the day. Plus, you can choose the vivid feature to take livelier photos – goodbye to dull, lifeless photos and hello to more beautiful mementos!


Juggle your phone tasks more efficiently. Now, OPPO F7 boasts of a new feature that lets you do simultaneous things at once. Julia shares how she’s so excited for it. “While you’re doing other things on your phone, you can also text at the same time.”



Screen recording is now possible. “Na-amaze ako na pwedeng i-record yung mga ginagawa mo,” Joshua shares. With this feature, he can just record tutorials for his lola when she needs help in technical matters, he says. It’s definitely a helpful tool to make your smartphone experience easier so you can focus more on special real-life instants. 




Photographs by Berwin Coroza